IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: What Do You Wear to Exercise In?

I even bought a pair of those padded fat-butt/vagina capri pants for my SPIN classes after I started to get a little sore in the saddle.
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August 16, 2015
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Ever since the great Depo Provera incident of 2015, in which my doctor failed to inform me that what seemed like a pretty awesome birth control option was pretty much guaranteed to result in a significant weight gain, I've been really upping my fitnessing game.

I switched to the Nuvaring, BTW, and I've only been on it for 2-and-a-half weeks, but I'm already getting that kind of hormone-crazy I remember from being on the pill in my 20s. Is this the deal with contraception? We have to be fat and crazy either because we're on birth control or because we're, you know, pregnant? I'm seriously considering sterilization, since I plan to foster and adopt in the future.

Anyway, it's supremely frustrating, because I've been working out HARD (as a friend told me, "You really took to working out like an alcoholic!") and following an eating plan for a few months now and seen the scale move 3 pounds total. (It was 4, but then I mysteriously gained a pound at my last weigh-in.) Friends have told me that it can take 6-9 months to see much progress losing depo weight

Anyway, I'm trying to focus on all the non-shallow reasons that working out is good for me: I'm getting stronger, I feel proud of myself, it helps modulate my depressive tendencies, etc.

I've been working out so much that for the first time in a long time I've really had to consider my gym attire -- like purchasing doubles of things like yoga pants and sports bras so I can still work out when I haven't done laundry. I even bought a pair of those padded fat-butt/vagina capri pants for my SPIN classes after I started to get a little sore in the saddle.

My basic gym uniform is pretty much the same, though: a capri-style yoga pant, sports bra and oversize T-shirt. Sometimes I wear a tank top, like this one, which I wore to a sort of aerobics-with-weights class called Diesel. Since I'd never taken the class before, I approached the instructor beforehand to ask her if there was anything I should know (like a total nerd, in retrospect) and she said "You just keep being a feminist."

That was nice and all, but she actually required a lot more of out of than that, including something I have since found out are called Burpees, which I can only assume are so named because they make you want to puke forever.

Anyway, sometimes I wish I had the self-confidence to just wear my sports bra to work out in (and I do when I do yoga or something at home) because it's really fucking comfortable, but for now I just settle for putting pictures on the Internet.

S'anyway. If you fitness, what do you fitness in? Post pics if you have them! Also any depo weight horror stories? Or even better, really nice ones like "I stopped getting the shot and I switched to the Nuvaring and worked out and ate right and soon the weight fell right off because my body followed the laws of science as is natural and right"? Cause right now my body's all "Fuck science, I do what I want" and it sucks.