MULTIPLE CELEBRITY ABORTION UPDATES! PLUS: Why Wealthy People Abort Girls More Than Poor People Do

Guess who has the right to discuss this touchy stuff way openly and casually on the internet? ME. And you.
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May 25, 2011
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WELL. The Abortion News Round Up: Let's just dive right the hell in.

E! Network host Chelsea Handler continues to be pretty awesome about putting stuff out on the table that other lame-o celebrities won't, telling the New York Times in a new interview: "I had an abortion when I was 16, because that's what I should have done." Chelsea goes on to explain how she's not into reality shows like "16 and Pregnant" that she thinks reward girls for being pregnant when they're young (durrr; I think we can all agree here). Anyhow, how does one CAT MARNELL feel about this, you ask? WELL. As one who is definitely not a stranger to getting pregnant but is definitely a stranger to having babies, I feel Chelsea's frankness. A lot of us have been there. Now there's Plan B; thank God. Are we all up on Plan B?

•London is abuzz (well, sort of -- I have no idea) with the vaguely boring-to-ME news that a group called LIFE -- which is all about being anti-abortion and for abstinence-based sex ed -- has been appointed to advise the UK government on sexual health. However, if I'm reading this article correctly, the government is still being advised by several other groups -- groups that AREN'T all ultra-conservative. I mean ... people are bugging out about this on Twitter, but I'm all for having a wide range of perspectives on the debate duking it out. That's why I've never been ANTI-any Republican, really, with the exception of my mean stupid dad!!! Even though I'm way liberal, I learn a lot from hearing what weirdos like that sexy Ann Coulter have to say. You know? Actually, I sort of authentically love Ann Coulter. I creep out on the photo section of all the time and check out her hair and lipsticks and things. Anyhow. Next.

•Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler's ex-underage-teen girlfriend Julia Holcolm has written a juicy story for a pro-life website -- all about the abortion she had in the mid-70s after her rock star BF knocked her up.

•Oh, there was one more quick thing to report from the UK: a third of women under 25 who go in for abortions have already had one procedure -- so young people are going back for Round Two, so to speak, in such a way that is alarming the aforementioned conservative groups, and probably some liberal people as well, obvs.•So it's no secret that preference for male children is deeply ingrained in India's "traditional culture," non? Like I'm not being insensitive ... 'Cause get this: A new study by Canada's Centre for Global Health Research claims that more and more Indian families are using abortion to favor the birth of male babies, i.e., increasingly using abortion to prevent girls from being born. "Something like up to 12 million girls have been aborted over this 30-year-period [of the study] - half of which appear to be just in the 2000s,” said the research group's leader, whose name I don't feel like typing out. (SORRY. Oh, hush; what do you care what his name is? Honestly.) Anyhow. FACT: the study leader calls the trend "really a phenomenon of the educated and the wealthy" -- for the simple reason that wealthier families can afford access to ultrasound equipment and medical services more easily than poor families. Gross.


thank God

(Yo, I don't want to write these serious articles anymore! I think I was doing it because I felt like my beauty stuff was so ... vapid. But I miss beauty products. Sorry, I know some of you guys are going to call me dumb in the comments [what's new], but I do. Miss describing nail polish and things.)Thoughts? Ugh, oh and happy Wednesday.