OPEN THREAD: What Are Your Favorite Budget-y, Big Batch Recipes?

It's actually ridiculous how much money one saves bringing lunch to work.
Publish date:
January 2, 2014
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Fear not, this is not an article about how to start saving money and budgeting in 2014. Those articles are important, but I can't write one right now. I have been, however, reading lots of articles about money management, and discussing it more often and candidly with my friends and loved ones.

Boring story short: I'm budgeting and saving money in a short-term savings account as well as a retirement account. Part of that means bringing my lunches to work, because it's actually ridiculous how much money it's going to save me each week. And I need ideas! I make this one amazing roasted garlic lentil soup (MAKE. IT.) and have been bringing that in a mason jar, but I can't eat it forever.

I want to know what you cook in big batches to save money. And how do you not get sick of eating it by week's end? Should I get a thermos?