Borba Skin Balance Supplements Turned Me Into A Junkie! A Good-Looking, Healthy Junkie!

Seriously, this is the most delicious healthy-food-ish alleged beautifier ever. EVER!
Publish date:
May 13, 2011
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If you were a hardcore chewable-vitamin druggy like me when you were a kid and your nanny had to hide bottles of Flintstone vitamins from you but you always found them in the kitchen somewhere anyway and scurried away to your bedroom to crawl inside your 6-foot inflatable igloo* and gobble 30 at a time not unlike vintage Robert Downey, Jr. holing up in a motel room with all his heroin -- if you were anything like that, well, you might have a problem with these these "skincare supplements".

Their official name: Borba Skin Balance Confections Gummi Bear Boosters. They are squishy, tart, ridiculously good-tasting gummy bears that cost $20 for 90. Everyone who tries them becomes an Instant Junkie. When I worked at Lucky, the beauty department would get a bag and between three editors, it would be gone literally in less than half an hour.

Yes, there is sugar in them. Plenty. But who cares? I'm not a health blogger that's gonna be all, "RAWR RAWR RAWRG SUGAR IS BAD." It's not like you don't know that already! I am encouraging you, in fact, to eat sugar. It is delicious! Drink extra water or something. Somehow it'll all work out.

And in addition to all the vitamins packed in there, the bears contain acai (ah-sigh-ee) and green tea extracts, which -- according to the website, not me; I just can't promise you that -- make skin glow. So there's that to hope for. (FACT: For any antioxidants to work you must consume them in massive quanitites. My binging is thusly justified.)

Anyway, I wish there were omega chewies, because I am really sick of choking down this fish oil pills. What vitamins do you take?

*About that inflatable igloo in my bedroom: yes, I was a spoiled 5-year-old (in a particular, I guess, demanding-an-inflatable-igloo-and-getting-it kind of way). But only because my parents were heinously disengaged, negligent and icy (literally:my dad is "into" glaciers). Don't worry; they're not reading this. Obviously.