"FAT ASS" THE WORKOUT: 5 Easy Steps to a New Booty!

I'm building a shelf-butt the Ikea way, with illustrated steps.
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February 24, 2012
booty, rockin' everywhere

So earlier in the week I told you all about my life with a

"fat ass" courtesy of padded Booty Pops

, and I promised that I'd follow up with a more permanent solution to rectangle butt--exercise.

I don't know about you, but anytime I try to do more than cardio at the gym I get overwhelmed by all the machines and free weights, and do two reps of something before throwing in the towel (for real, I

just throw my towel on the ground

and leave!).

Now, I'm serious about building myself a shelf-butt, so I wanted to come up with a really doable workout. Luckily my friends at

Equinox (or chic-uinox as Cat calls it

) were willing to help, and set me up with a trainer.

Michael Dewar, my butt sponsor, is uber-serious, and comes from Ohio where working out sometimes means lifting logs, rocks, Timberland boots, or I don't know, bottles of 40oz malt liquor. When I told him I wanted a fat ass, he nodded knowingly.

"We can work on your gluteus."

Michael gave me a really easy five-step workout that you can try too. Counting reps is a big


, so I do each exercise until I can't anymore and then move to the next, but if you are a rep counter aim for 20 on each side.

Let's get it on and



1. The Ornery Horse

2. The Beached Whale

3. The Proposal


Step Up 4

5. The Public Bathroom

Michael says I only need to do this series three times a week to see results, but I'll probably try for five since I'm going to Miami in two weeks. Now that you've seen my angular butt in all its before glory, I PROMISE to post an after in two weeks.

Are you going to try this too? It's not just for flatties like me; everyone can benefit from some extra muscle back there, just from an athletic standpoint.

Michael Dewar trains at Equinox, 19th Street, New York City.

All images by Olivia (who shoots gym-stuff like the clurrrrb).

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