"FAT ASS" THE WORKOUT: Cardio and Macaroons Edition

Plus, "You look healthy" and other almost compliments.
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April 24, 2012
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Miss new booty

A few months ago, I set out to turn my rectangular runner's butt into a shelf-booty using an easy five-step set of strength training exercises, and I promised to post the results.

Here's the update: Lately I've been doing Barry's Bootcamp, my favorite high-intensity, sweat-dripping workout. Each hour-long class features a mix of cardio intervals on the treadmill, and strength training with free weights and resistance bands, or just your body weight.

The trouble with Barry's Bootcamp is that it's sort of expensive, so I save money by replicating their signature treadmill intervals at the gym, alternating the incline setting and speed on my treadmill to mirror the pace and intensity of my playlist. It's intuitive and casual.

Incline jogs are a great butt-boosting supplement to the strenth-training "Fat Ass" workout I told you about a few months ago. A typical run usually goes something like this:

Warm-up, 5 minutes: 4-5.5 mph (2% incline)

Run, 5 minutes: 6-7.5 mph (2-3% incline)

Sprint, 2 minutes: 8-9 mph (2% incline)

Run, 5 minutes:6-7.5 mph (2-3% incline)

Jog, 2 minutes: 6 mph (10% incline)

Run, 3 minutes: 7.5 mph (2% incline)

Sprint, 2 minutes: 8-9 mph (2% incline)

Jog, 3 minutes: 6 mph (10% incline)

Cooldown, 3 minutes: 4 mph (.5% incline)

Honestly though, I haven't been running as much as I used to and I've gained some weight, which makes for -- surprise -- a bigger butt.

I also started eating (in bulk) these addictive raw macaroons by Emmy's Organics. Since you might be questioning my dessert credentials, I had Olivia and Madeline try them and they're both hooked, too. We split one of these three-packs almost every day. See? Delicious, not just healthy.

Animal droppings or dessert?

I'm no Coco, but I'm bigger than before. Big(ger) enough that friends who I haven't seen in a few months always offer some variation of "You look healthy," which is sort of an indication that I didn't before. OK.

Has anyone ever made a backhanded observation about your weight? Are you doing anything new for exercise? Everyone seems to be obsessed with Zumba again. I don't get it! Let's talk.

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