5 Motivational Podcasts To Get You Off Your Ass

Because it’s really time you cool it with the wine and Netflix.
Publish date:
July 15, 2015
depression, motivation, Podcasts

It’s really easy to fall into your own pity party. Recently, a combination of breakups, cheating rumors and a dent in my new car resulted stay-in-bed-all-day-and-cry type of depression that was seemingly impossible to shake. But since I’m an “adult” with “responsibilities” I was forced to leave the comfort of my mattress and face the cruel world.

For the past few weeks, I’ve barely qualified as a contributing member of society. My self-esteem was at an all time low, and all of my goals seemed completely out of my reach. Simply put, I was really bummed.

Finally, I reached that point that I think everyone reaches, where you’re just over being sad. You haven’t necessarily worked through all your emotions, and maybe you’re nowhere near okay, but you’re done walking around with a storm cloud over your head.

When this happens, it’s a little overwhelming. I mean, we’ve been living this sad little life for what feels like forever now. Getting back into a good gym routine or even just remembering to brush your hair can feel like the most impossible task. We want our lives to change for the positive, but there are really no set-in-stone ways to do so. How do you even begin to change things?

Throughout my own experiences with depression, I found that the first step for positive change is to surround yourself with good. Your mind alone is battlefield, and can be easily infiltrated by negativity. The current atmosphere you’re putting yourself in could be causing a full-on war in your head. Watching violent TV shows, listening to sad music and hanging out with a group of Debbie Downers may not seem like a big deal, but if you’re surrounding yourself with negativity, that’s all you’re going to feel.

My challenge for you is to consciously factor positive things into your everyday life. Instead of watching Law and Order (I know it’s super hard to get out of that binge), put on a few motivational TED Talks. Instead of hanging out with people that you know are going to bring you down, look for more positive connections (or just hang out alone and watch some good girl comic stand-up, like Amy Schumer). Instead of crying and listening to Sara McLachlan on your daily commute, put on one of the thousands of free, motivational podcasts.

I may not be there to fill-in as your shoulder to cry on, — and believe me, I’d love to — but I can help you chose a few podcasts to listen that will get you out of your rut and back into the real world.

  1. School of Greatness: Former professional athlete Lewis Howes knows all too well what it’s like to hit rock bottom. After an injury left him broke and living on his sister’s couch, Howes turned his interest in marketing and business into a career. His podcast is dedicated to showing others how to live more successful lives by interviewing some of the greatest minds today. Not only are his shows always interesting and uplifting, but he’s like a total babe.
  2. The Chalene Show: If you’re looking for someone to whip your ass into shape, Chalene Johnson is your girl. As your virtual life coach, Chalene will direct you through all the challenges life has to offer, like dealing with difficult people, getting healthy and staying motivated. There’s just something about the tone of her voice that makes me feel super guilty for sleeping in past 10 am.
  3. My Everyday Awesome: For me, mornings usually make or break my day. Either I wake up in a good mood and I’m ready kick today’s ass, or I’m grumpy and down and I don’t do much of anything. I found that listening to Alice’s little 10-minute podcast can totally curb my mood into the right direction. All of her episodes provide little tips and tidbits to make each day a little more awesome — something I think we all could use.
  4. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: First of all, if you haven’t read any of Gretchen Rubin’s books on the pursuit of happiness then you are really doing yourself a disservice. Her podcasts are equally as motivating as her books because she not only provides new perspectives on what it means to be happy, but she also shares these adorable daily habits that we can easily implement into our everyday lives.
  5. The Daily Boost: Although I find some of Scott’s podcasts a little cheesy, his advice on staying motivated when working towards your goals always seems to work for me. These short episodes provide insight into many daily struggles that we all face in our careers and our lives.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?