Your COTW Goes Here

Reader suggestions for comments of the week are usually my favorite comments of the week.
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November 16, 2014
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It's November 16th but I am writing this well in advance -- think of this as a little note from the past. I am imagining putting it in a time capsule (a time capsule called scheduling things in advance). There's a little bit of romance there, even if it shows some of the ragged edges of the COTW process since I won't actually be here to pull the analytics and tell you what you've been upvoting.

I'm OK with that though and I hope you are as well, because it is an opportunity for you to showcase not only the best comments you've read all week, you can show off the best comments you've left on the site. It's time to show off, y'all.

As you read this, if you're reading it when it goes up, I'll be in Seattle, Washington. That's the halfway point of my trip and I'll be checking out the Seattle Fluevog store. Check me out on Twitter if you want to come hang out -- I'm being spontaneous but I'll definitely tweet about it.

I'm looking forward, I'm sure, to getting back on the train. What are you looking forward to this week? What are your plans?

And to finish us out, here is one of the pictures I have taken with me so I won't feel quite so homesick.