You Chose It: My New Haircut

All in all, I’d say xoJane readers can be trusted with crowdsourced style decisions. I think I'm going to have some fun with this cut.
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February 17, 2012
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On Monday, I asked y’all to pick my next haircut/style. I was a little nervous, putting my hair in your hands. You could have chosen something really awful! Or made me dye my hair green! But y’all were actually very responsible, and I commend you for resisting the temptation to rig the polls. Thankfully, none of you work for Diebold.

The first suggestion turned out to be the landslide winner:

Evan Rachel Wood’s short, zesty ‘do is pretty awesome, but I admit I did kind of despair when it was chosen because the actual hairstyle in this picture is very, er, styled, which is pretty much the antithesis of low maintenance. It requires several different hair products and tools and is pretty much exactly what I do not need because there’s no way I can replicate it on my own without considerable training. And possibly someone to watch me very closely to make sure I don’t accidentally end up gluing myself to the refrigerator or something.

But, I said I would do as the readers bade me, and I wasn’t going to back out. I looked up publicity shots from around the same time and found that while that specific style was demanding, it was actually a cut I could get really into, because it’s highly flexible, and not all the styling options are so intensive. It ended up being a super great choice, and I’d like to thank xoplain for suggesting it...and all of you for voting on it.

As I had hoped, the final decision forced me to think outside my usual zone, which was the whole point of this exercise. I probably won’t be sporting that specific style on this cut very often, but the cut itself is awesome and has a lot of potential for play. I think it’s easy to get boring with short hair, and this will help me resist that temptation.

I went from being sort of nervous to rather excited, and when I plopped myself down in Denise’s chair and explained, she was highly entertained by the concept of letting the Internet pick my hair.

She put the color on first, and then added highlights before sticking me under the hairdryer to bake for a bit:The weird expression on my face is, well...attributable to many things, one of which is that I’m legally blind without my glasses so I actually had no idea what was going on around me or where, precisely, Denise was, even though she kept telling me to look at the camera.

My hair is a little dark right now, slightly darker than the hazelnut brown mandated by readers, but it’s going to lighten up to a deliciously warm brown tone, I promise.

Then she did a lot of snipping. My hair is very thick. I’m always amazed by how much she manages to cut off, but I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t want anyone to yarf while reading. There was also some razoring to thin the pouf on top, before she added some Kevin Murphy Body.Builder mousse (it’s awesome stuff, seriously) and started blowdrying my hair, using a round brush to add volume. I told her the end result was pretty much exactly what my hair looks like in the morning. She assured me we weren’t done.

She followed with Hair.Resort hairspray (also by Kevin Murphy), and then pieced it out to give it more structure, with this end result:Do you like?! I think it’s fabulous. I know it's a bit of a departure from what we originally agreed on, but sometimes you have to make executive decisions. And I'm really loving it, although it is a little hard to sleep on.

Just kidding:(Woah I need a new bra.)

Not what it looks like in the original picture, I know! But it’s the same underlying cut, and it does look a lot like one of the other reference images we ended up using:

She snipped a bit more to finish things up because Denise likes things to be perfect, which is one of the reasons I love her so, and then I was on my way, with a promise to return next week for a hair checkup and some more styling funtimes.

I also played around with it a bit at home, after washing out the previous style. I added some Kevin Murphy Easy.Rider and went with a more slicked down look:And a spikier one:

All in all, I’d say xoJane readers can be trusted with crowdsourced style decisions. I think I'm going to have some fun with this cut. Good work, kids.