Yay! BirchBox is Not A Letter Telling Me My Water Bill is Due!

For $10 dollas a month, you can get stuff in the mail that is not the Skymall catalogue.
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September 20, 2011
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Usually all I get in the mail are postcards from my dentist reminding me I need a checkup and catalogues from places that think I'm a 60-year -old woman who wants a resin statue of other statues urinating in statues in my home. Well, that and the Restoration Hardware Fall doorstop. And the occasional toothpaste or detergent sample.

But, for a mere 10 bucks a month I can have Birchbox send me beautyyyyyy samples so I can make myself look all purty.

Now I know Hannah already wrote about this yesterday, but I thought some of you still might like to see what really comes in ones of these babies.

SPOILER ALERT! If you subscribe to Birch Box and have not received your box for September, I am going to ruin all your fun now.

DISCLAIMER: I paid for my BirchBox subscription, so this information is all totally honest*.

Ok, so in my September Birchbox I received:

A set of Incoco nail polish appliques. It does not say what color it is, so I shall name thee DISCO SNAKE.

A teensy tiny mouse-sized sample of Blinc mascara that I shall use on my cats and a lash card, which promises to "help prevent my mascara from smudging and clumping." WAITAMINNIT, Emily made me a lash card/lipstick blotter for FREE.

A 0.3 fluid ounce sample of Ahava hand cream.

A friendship bracelet! Nevermind that BirchBox probably sent this out to thousands of people, I am so pretending they sent it to ME ONLY. That's right, I am now writing all over my Lisa Frank notebook Eve+ BirchBox BFF! With hearts all around it.

This parcel is wrapped and IT MUST BE AWESOME if it is wrapped. Let's see what we have here...

We have a sample of ATTIMO by Salvatore Ferragammo and a Jouer lip enhancer. I'm kinda sad because if something is wrapped I expect it to be amazing. Like diamond earrings. But whatever.

So this is my first BirchBox. I can cancel at anytime and I love the idea of getting to try beauty junk for $10 a month and getting a box and having no clue what is in it is fun, unless you are in the desert and you are Brad Pitt.

* Lesely Kinzel has requested all foofo candle companies send her free swag of candles. Smelly ones. Smelly nice ones. That smell good. I would like sofas, video games, books and kittens. And a vacation for Emily. Send us magical prizes!