xoJaneUK Writers' New Year’s Resolutions

"Beat the fear. Learn Mandarin. Start tap dancing again" Guess which xoJaneUK writer made those New Year's Resolutions, then tell us yours!
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January 1, 2013
new year's resolutions

RebeccaPay off my debts. Stop drinking for January. Be a better human being. Get wooden floors in my flat.

Alison TaylorI need to tone down midweek hedonism - it's killing my work buzz. And be better with money. Like, much much better.

Allan Mott1. Be more awesome. 2. Reverse the effects of aging and look like I’m 23 again. 3. Don’t stop believing.

SiamNot give so much of a fuck. Take more risks. Beat the fear. Learn Mandarin. Start tap dancing again.

DaniTo quit smoking pot. (I hate myself) and to try some sort of exercise.

Squeamish KateContinue on my path to awesomenosity. Wear more metallics.

OliviaKeep going as I am, staying clean and sober one day at a time and remembering to take time for myself. Be proud of myself for the good things I do.

SallyTo be nicer. I think I’m ok but it’s just to make sure.

StevieBe more grown up. Be tidier. Write a fucking book FFS it's been six years since you wrote anything you massive arsehole etc. Stop allowing inner monologue to refer to self as "massive arsehole etc". Get a job on a magazine/website. Start eating like a normal human at normal human times and be able to distinguish between the different food groups like proper people.

HattieStop using 'literally' in literally the wrong way

AlisandeI’m giving up buying clothes and things for the house. For real. I’m also going to start eating a lot more healthily, and saying, “no”, “fuck off”, and, “I have neither the time nor the energy for this” on much more regular basis.So that’ll all be fun.

PhoebeWrite that novel, step away from my iphone, not care as much about what (I think) people think of me.

Please tell us your New Year's Resolutions - or do you think they're a pointless exercise and if so, why?