xoJaneUK Writers' Best Christmas Presents EVER

Merry Christmas everybody! From cat food to a Harry Potter wand, our writers reveal the best Christmas present they ever received...
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December 25, 2012
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RebeccaBloody Christmas. I asked for an A La Carte kitchen EVERY Christmas for five years, and did I get it? No. My baby sister then got one when she was four, despite never actually expressing an interest in one. Bitter, moi?

ANYWAY, tears and recriminations aside, my first bike was certainly the first big present I remember getting. Admittedly it was my cousin's bright red BMX boy bike, BUT IT DIDN'T HAVE STABILISERS. This was the height of sophistication in Harrow in 1987.

Alison TaylorMy brother and I got an Acorn Electronic computer right at the start of the computer boom. That was rad. It became obsolete very quickly but still...

Allan MottI’m sure when my parents bought my brother and I matching TV sets it was just so they could start watching the shows they wanted to see and stop us from fighting, but it didn’t matter. I now no longer had to sneak downstairs at night to watch the uncensored late night movies that helped get me through puberty.

SiamOh god, I’m not sure I’ve ever received a Christmas present which I could pinpoint as my best ever. I’ve spent two days thinking about this, and I’m going to sound like a total brat, but I can’t even remember many! When I was about 10 I got a pair of deep red silk pyjamas which I’d been wanting for ages (can you imagine – a 10 year old obsessing over fucking silk pj’s! What was wrong with me?) and wore till they fell apart.

A Christmas pressie I’ll always love and treasure is my singing Michael Jackson doll, which middle sister bought me yonks ago. To be honest I’m quite hard to buy for though (who’d have guessed?!) so my parents have taken to giving me cheques for birthdays and Christmas/ Channukah, so I can just treat myself to something. I have about 8 in a drawer in my room as I can never commit to choosing anything though!

DaniA giant chocolate picture frame with the words 'Will you marry me' inscribed on the front from my husband and a knockout engagement ring that went with it.

Squeamish KateI can only see this question getting me into trouble.

SallyI love figure skating. My usually impervious tack-dar just can’t resist Torvill & Dean trussed up in mauve chiffon circa 1984 ‘Bolero,’ so a Tiffany & Co. ice skate charm from an ex was pretty special. (As special as sending a URL in an email subjected 'DON'T FUCK THIS UP' can be.)

AlisandeWe went to Disneyland for Christmas when I was six. That entire holiday was magical and, yes, in case you’re wondering, Santa does deliver to Californian hotels. Usually though, my best present as a child was always the pile of books that I’d asked for. I was every bit as nerdy as you’re probably imagining, and just used to disappear into a corner with them and a Terry’s chocolate orange for the rest of the day. That’s still a pretty good Christmas for me so, when my brother bought me a kindle two years ago, I was delighted. Then I found out he’d downloaded over 100 titles to it, and I cried because it was so considerate.

StevieMy ex fancyman bought me a Harry Potter wand from Alivans wand shop. Most of the presents from my parents are always great (chutney aside) and they do especially well with coats. I always get great quality coats. God I'm boring.

HattieOne year we didn't have any cat food in the house. It was Christmas Eve and we left a note for Father Christmas to see if he had any in his sleigh. In the morning there was a tin of Whiskas on the table. (This was the best present because even now I know it wasn't magic it still warms my heart to think of my dad having to drive off and find cat food on Christmas Eve. I might make him do it again this year.)


I'm really sorry (ha ha I'm not at all) Rebecca, but I DID get an A La Carte Kitchen for Christmas when I was seven and it was FREAKIN' AWESOME. I never did try that delicious baked-beans-and-swill-roll combo as depicted in the famous advert though...

So tell us, what was the best present you ever received? Can anything top my A La Carte glory? #spoilt