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Wanted: A writer/editor to join both the staff and the "cast of characters" at
Publish date:
August 1, 2011
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Wanted: A writer/editor to join both the staff and the "cast of characters" at

Like Sassy and Jane before it, xoJane is written by a group of women with strong voices, identities and opinions, many in direct opposition to each other, who are living what they are writing about. Since readers will get to know you intimately, you should complement the writers and editors we currently have. So if your writing sounds just like the writing you already read on xoJane, you are not the person we're looking for.

Sassy fans can think of this role as the "Catherine Gysin" of the group -- a politically minded, issue-conscious, bookish, cultured critical thinker. The highbrow to our lowbrow. More NPR than YouTube. More "Paris Review" than our Trashy Book Club books. An investigative bent that leads you to sniff out and report amazing uncovered trends, true crime and other feature stories would be a plus.

And of course, the more unique your voice the better. Readers should be able to tell within the first few sentences who wrote your stories. We want you to sound like you, not some monolithic site voice. Experience is less important than a unique point of view. Your writing should be brutally honest and radically transparent. We don’t fake anything.

You are willing to try new things and share your successes and mistakes -- our advice comes from the fact that we are living through, wearing and watching the same things as our audience. We are not snarky, but inclusive and uplifting, while remaining nothing but honest at all times. A sense of adventure is mandatory.

You should be equally comfortable with writing and editing, bursting with ideas and able to execute them quickly and at a higher-than-your-average-website quality level. You have honed editorial judgment that allows you to constantly seek freshness and easily tweak or toss tired, been-there pitches.

You're extremely self-motivated and passionate, and understand that working at a start-up website means hard work and the willingness to pitch in on all levels. You must be comfortable with the extremely fast pace of a daily publishing schedule and able to keep standards high without preciously laboring over every word. We're a small staff, so there's no one to delegate to. You must be comfortable taking your own photos and video, as we don't use stock photos.

Interested candidates should send a thoughtful cover letter outlining your writing and editing experience and explaining why you'd be a good fit for xoJane to Please also include five post, column or feature ideas, as well as samples of your writing that most accurately depict your authentic voice -- a personal blog might be better than a magazine clip if it sounds more like "you." Qualified candidates will be asked to take an editing test.