It Happened to Us: Gabi Fresh and the xoJane Fatkini Gallery Went On the Today Show!

Gabi went on Today to talk about the Fatkinis gallery (and fat acceptance, too)!
Publish date:
May 30, 2012
fatkinis, media appearances, today show

This morning, The Today Show did a segment featuring The xoJane and Gabi Fresh Fatkini Gallery.

Gabi was invited to go on the show during the segment, and not only did she do an amazing job articulating what this gallery of sexy ladies is all about, I believe she made serious and meaningful headway in our shared goal to bring fat acceptance to the mainstream. When pushed by the host about whether one can be fat and healthy, Gabi responded "My measure for health is how I feel," and later, "judge how you feel and what you're putting into your body." Well said.

Watch the clip below and let us know what you think: