Morning Faces Gallery 3: Even More of Your Beautiful Just-Woke-Up Faces!

Inside Edition is airing a story about The Morning Faces gallery tonight, giving us a semblance of an excuse to run another batch.
Publish date:
June 6, 2012
morning faces, galleries

Have I told you I love you lately? Of course I have and here I go again. Here's why this time:

Way back, we posted pictures of our morning faces (immediately upon waking, no looking in the mirror first for drool marks or eye gunk or smeared makeup allowed). We asked you to send us yours and you did, and did, and did again (see the 54 beauties here). This time, I especially loved reading what you had to say about how you came to look the way you look here.

Then Inside Edition came in to talk to us about The Morning Faces Project (doesn't that title make it sound like something important? like there should be a u in the Mourning or something). They are airing a story about it tonight -- and tomorrow in New York, giving us a semblance of an excuse to run another batch.

And an excuse to show you this little trailer in which Madeline's hair looks completely cray-cray and the Inside Edition anchor looks perfectly gorgeous upon waking. Hee hee.

Thanks for being xoJane. xo