Say Anything And Everything You Can't Say To Your Relatives In This Thanksgiving-Ish Open Thread

How many crises have you averted this Thanksgiving?
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November 27, 2015
open thread, weekend open thread

All of us at xoJane are scattered across the country doing various Thanksgiving things with family and friends, so this Open Thread will be brief, varied, and scattered.

As we all know, Thanksgiving can be stressful. We love our families, but we don't always love their points of view or their political views or the way they share their points of views and/or political views after alcohol and turkey.

So, go ahead and vent your ass off in this Open Thread or ignore Thanksgiving entirely (like the rest of the world does) and talk about anything or everything else, including, but not limited to:

  • Donald Trump making fun of the disabled (and double and tripling down)
  • Deep-breathing techniques
  • Black Friday!
  • Cyber Monday!
  • CNN
  • Putin
  • Leftovers

Stay safe, stay sane, and listen to Adele in case of emergency.