Why I Love the Queen, Even Though I'm a Republican At Heart

I'm not that into the royal family per se, but if we have to have one, we can't do much better than Liz.
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June 1, 2012
republicanism, the diamond jubilee, the queen, the royal family

xo the Queen

I’m not a massive monarchist in any sense of the word. I can never quite come to terms with the amount of money that has gone into propping up our extensive and extended royal family over the years. And to celebrate the jubilee? I’m getting the hell out of dodge (London) and going camping.

However, despite my republican sentiments, I’m pretty attached to le Queen. Apart from the fact that she’s incredibly hard-working, and takes her duties as seriously, if not more so, than any elected head of state I can think of, she’s a pretty great example of a totally badass woman who just gets the job done. Here are some of the reasons why I love Liz.

- The only time anyone has ever seen her show any emotion was when one of her dorgis (cross between a Corgi and a Dashund, y’all) had to be put down. I love her steely sense of purpose -- she’d never do anything as frivolous as get teary, angry or upset in public, she’s got an empire to oversee.

- She was a member of the world’s smallest Brownie troop in Buckingham palace (just her and Princess Margaret). Incidentally Phoebe told me this -- she’s a Brown Owl herself you know.

The world's smallest ever Brownie troop : (

- According to Prince Charles, she used to practice walking around in her coronation crown by wearing it around the palace -- including when she came to see him when he was being bathed as a child.

- On VE day, the Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) and Princess Margaret decided to go and hang out anonymously with the masses celebrating the end of the war in Whitehall.

- The Queen took her corgi, Susan, on her honeymoon with her.

- To paraphrase Cher from "Clueless," the Queen was a total Betty when she was younger, and incredibly stylish. Check her out on a state visit to Bermuda in 1953.

The Queen in Bermuda in 1953 - I'm now trying to work out if I can pull off elbow-length gloves for formal trips to the pub

- In fact she’s still a total style icon now. For big events the queen decides what colour she wants to wear, and other senior members of the royal then take their lead from her so there aren’t any unsightly clashes. She also has weights sewn into the hem of all of her skirts to stop them flying up.

- During the war she trained as a driver and mechanic for the Women’s Auxiliary territorial service because she’s a total BADASS. She’s the only ever British monarch who has been trained to change a spark plug.

- She only stopped horse riding last year aged 84. Again, BADASS.