IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: Which Babysitter's Club Babysitter Are You?

Claudia is pretty inarguably the awesomest babysitter IMHO.
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April 19, 2015
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Remember that time when everybody was supposed to self-identify as one of the women from "Sex and the City?" I just took a quick Buzzfeed quiz for journalistic purposes and apparently I'm a Miranda, even though I'm kind of a hobag and also spend too much money on clothes.

I imagine the kids today are doing the same thing with "Which 'Girls' Girl Are You?" I just took another Buzzfeed Quiz and it told me I'm a Ray which, not a girl, but also best case scenario.

Anyway, I was thinking about all of this because I recently stumbled across (and purchased it for $32.74 like a goddamn Carrie) this T-shirt on Etsy. And I don't even like this name column T-shirt trend -- this is the only one that could ever convince me to get on board.

If you don't get the reference, you're probably under 25, because for my generation of girls The Babysitter's Club series was damn near ubiquitous. I posted a picture of this shirt on my Instagram and someone commented that they were a "Kristy who wanted to be a Stacy," which got me wondering which babysitter I most identified with.

As a refresher:

Kristy is the Sporty Spice of the group. She's a tomboy who is mostly found in jeans, T-shirts and a baseball cap and she coaches a Little League team called Kristy's Crushers. She's also organized, full of great ideas, and a born leader, which is why she's the creator and president of the BSC.

Mary Anne was the "Charlotte" of the group -- she's the BSC secretary due to her great penmanship. (Oh snooze, Mary Anne.) She's kind of shy and sensitive and has a very strict father who makes her wear her hair in pigtails or braids and wear plain blouses and skirts. But somehow she's the first of the group to have a steady boyfriend, the dreeeeeamy Logan.

Claudia is pretty inarguably the awesomest babysitter IMHO. Artistic and creative, she expresses herself through her visual art and her funky outfits. The descriptions of Claudia's outfits were always the best part of any book for me -- she was always wearing mismatching earrings where one was a dog and the other was like, a bone. I'm pretty sure there's a blog where someone started posting all her outfit descriptions from the book but I can't find it, so if anyone knows what that is, leave it in the comments. Claudia struggles in school despite having an above average IQ and is addicted to junk food.

Stacey is the Babysitter's Club treasurer and also where a whole generation of girls (and this guy) first learned about diabetes. Besides being diabetic, Stacey is super-glamorous and hip, having previously lived in New York City. She's blonde-haired and blue-eyed and described as having a "sophisticated" style. She's also described as boy-crazy and has plenty of dates.

Dawn is your stereotypical "California girl," having moved to Stoneybrook, Connecticut after her parents got divorced. She's a vegetarian and an environmentalist and a health food nut and her style is consistently described as "California Casual."

Jessi is younger than the other girls, and thus brought on as a "junior" babysitter. She's a serious ballet dancer who has been dancing since she was 4. The books make kind of a big deal about the fact that Jessi is black -- like there's just a lot of over-description of her "dark skin" and "sparkling dark eyes" -- and her family sometimes experiences discrimination in mostly-white Stoneybrook.

Finally, Mallory is another "junior" babysitter and Jessi's best friend, best known for having red hair and 7 wild brother sand sisters. She loves horses, reading, and writing, and wants to be a children's book author when she grows up. It's pretty implied throughout the books that Mallory isn't as a cute or cool as the other babysitters.

At the time I was reading these books, I was pretty much a Mallory, although of course I aspired (and still do) to be a Claudia.

All of this might be why my chosen style for spring is "your 90s babysitter." It involves a lot of jean jackets, swingy patterned sundresses (Old Navy is killing it in this department right now), cute graphic T-shirts, moto boots, tote bags, and patches and pins on everything. At night you can add some ripped tights and switch your jean jacket for a leather one to be a "bad babysitter."

ALSO, speaking of Etsy, last week I got off the train to go to the xoJane offices and there was an Etsy pop-up shop aka an Emily trap just right there. I got "recognized" like 3 times because an Etsy pop-up shop is my version of a Star Trek convention if I'd once played a space babe on 3 episodes or something.

I ended up buying my son a cape from this kiddo cape shop Little Hero Capes. It wasn't cheap but it was super-cute and well-made and as capes are daily attire for my little dude it seemed worth it to have a back-up.

Anyway, I've digressed into another dimension, so tell me, what Babysitter's Club member are you, either now or then? Or let's just talk BSC fandom. We can get into Sweet Valley High if you're feeling it. I don't think anybody read this, but I interviewed SVH creator Francine Pascal for this site not long after launch.