What's YOUR Favourite Christmas Song? Here Are Ours!

Which is the festive tune that gives you shivers and makes you well up a bit and feel all Christmassy? The xoJaneUK contributors have revealed their songs that melt their flinty hearts and you might be a little surprised by their choices... (Warning: features Boney M)
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December 24, 2012
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RebeccaStay Another Day by East 17. The chimes! The parkas! Brian Harvey's cry face! Has there ever been a better Christmas number one? (this is a rhetorical question, the answer is clearly no).

This video reminds me of going to buy the tape from Woolworths for 99p, along with something by Eternal, and then probably going home to read Fast Forward magazine whilst spraying myself liberally with So...? Eau De Toilette.

I know people look back at their childhood with rose-tinted glasses, but mine actually was that idyllic.

Alison TaylorMary's Boy Child by Boney M rates quite highly. Hilarious retro disco video, totally groovy tune, steel drums... and it reminds me of Christmas at home in the '80s. Mum and dad love a bit of Boney M. Mariah Carey is another favourite of course. Mariah, before she went completely mental.

Allan MottNo Christmas song makes me giddier than The Hives/Cyndi Lauper collaboration A Christmas Duel whose chorus includes the lines “So whatever you say / It’s all fine by me / Who the fuck anyway / Wants a Christmas tree?”

But for the traditionalists I am also willing to admit to being a big fan of Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s classic mash-up The Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth.

SiamThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) is my ultimate Christmas song. It’s such a beautiful, classy song, and I love the way it draws a picture of the archetypal 1950s American Christmas scene. It just sounds like Christmas. Also, when I was a bright eyed stage school kid I learnt to sing it for a Christmas showcase and thought I sounded brilliant *smug stage school kid face*

DaniAll I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey as it's fantastic to dance to and instantly transports me back to my saturday job when I used to work in Miss Selfridge when i was 15. Can I just say Last Christmas by Wham too, cause it's got those magic bells in it. And Jingle Bells! DOH!

Squeamish KateCarol of the Bells! It's the only song that makes the lyrics: "Merry, merry, merry Christmas!" sound kind of like a threat. It's on the Home Alone (HOME ALONE! Maybe that's my favourite Christmas film), soundtrack and must be the only carol ever used to build tension. I would have said all of the songs on Mariah's Christmas CD but my sister once had a nasty accident in the kitchen trying to dance to it as we made mincemeat and twisted her ankle. Now Mariah Christmas just brings back bad memories...

OliviaAll I Want For Christmas Is You - sung by the little girl in Love Actually. Or, obviously, Santa Baby cos I'm a hussy.

SallyAnything from Hanson’s 1997 Snowed In. Don’t knock it…

StevieNot All I Want For Christmas - I fucking hate that song. My favourite song is probably the Tom Jones and That One From Catatonia's rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside because both of their voices arouse me. Together, the effect is wholly inappropriate for a family holiday.

HattieFairytale of New York. Because it's about love and life and things not being perfect or how you expect them to be and it makes me think of singing it with my little brother and us both tearing up.

AlisandeAll I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey. I have no specific memories attached to it but it is impossible for me not to sing and dance along to this every time it’s on. Never pretended I was cool.

PhoebeI'm not sure if Take That's Babe is technically a 'Christmas song' but it has snow in the video and it was only narrowly beaten to the Christmas No.1 by Mr Blobby so WEVS. Little Mark Owen took the lead on this track and his reedy vocal tells the tale of a man trying to find his lover, during wartime (or after the war, or something), only to find out she's given birth to a child who "had my eyes (my eyes!) he had my smile (my smiiiiile!)" It's all terribly moving.

So c'mon, tell us, which is YOUR favourite festive tune? (and if you say Shakin' Stevens we can't be friends anymore).