What's The Best Place You've Ever Been? Plus, COTW!

Is it a beach? In bed? There are so many possibilities. But there is only one possible COTW based on your upvotes.
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September 21, 2014
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Last week, Maker Faire was a pretty great place to be. It was full of super energy and creativity everywhere.

Even though I loved every minute of it -- including when I got to meet an xoJane reader who came over to say hi! -- if I really sit down and think about it, it's not the BEST place I've ever been.

Yeah, this is just like one of those painful "what are your top ten books?" meme quizzes that cause me such agony on Facebook. Because it's so hard to choose -- there are so many variables and so many different circumstances.

And, yeah, yeah, whatever, that's the point of the exercise, but I still kind of hate it even as I totally give into it.

The topic of travel had come up and there were some definite answers -- Ireland and Portland and Thailand -- from different people. Until I asked another person and she said the best place she'd ever been was in bed with her children.

That was super amazingly sweet. And took the question in a totally different direction.

What about you? How would you interpret the question? Are these sorts of questions as hard for you as they are for me? Tell me your best place ever in the comments.

But while you ponder that, consider this comment of the week from user capn_queer on "I DUMPED A FRIEND BECAUSE SHE SPANKED HER KIDS":

My personal favorite comment came from one of my personal favorite articles on the site this week. The upvotes reflect that y'all liked it, too. Check out this comment from realtalk on "I POOPED SOMEONE ELSE'S BED AND SURVIVED THE HUMILIATION":

Thanks for commenting and for hanging out all weekend. I'm so glad to spend this time with you. Please accept this butternut squash as a token of my affections. (Also, if you have any favorite butternut squash recipes, tell me what they are!)