What XOJane Editors Want for Christmas -- Julieanne's Favorites for Drunks and Geeks

Booze-fueled, airplane catalog dork products.
Publish date:
December 14, 2011
Christmas, gifts, entertainment, barware, criterion collection, snes, vintage video games

I used to complain about the fact that a lot of Continental flights don't have wifi, and then I realized I should be glad. Because one of my favorite pastimes on long trips is drinking vodka and catalog window shopping, from the likes of Wired and Movieline and The New York Review of Books and of course, Skymall. Were I able to access the Internet on my airline of choice, I would probably have been evicted from my apartment by now, as my rent money would be in the pockets of Ma and Pa Criterion Collection.

One of the hardest parts about writing about entertainment for XOJane is that I love EVERYTHING. Sure, I like Antonioni and Chopin and stuff but I also saw "Zookeeper" in theaters (and paid for it a second time, on hotel pay-per-view). I think that Cher album with all the autotune is so good and I am the kind of sci fi enthusiast that fantasizes about having an entire room in my house dedicated to memorabilia like Guillermo del Toro and GRRM. See? Problems.

Please consider this, my wishlist, as the condensed version of my geeky, grain-alcohol fueled airplane catalog shopping.