What Was Your Favorite Summer Beauty Style? Plus COTW!

I love summer. Summer beauty is a little harder sometimes. But the COTW is always in fashion.
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August 31, 2014
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I bought these iridescent finish bobby pins at Ulta the other day -- I've been using them to pin back my slightly too-long bangs while I consider whether to have them trimmed or not.

It's just been way too hot to deal with hair in my face, no matter what my decision about the bangs winds up being.

And it's going to keep being hot, at least here; summer in Orlando won't be over until October, when the temperatures will hit the lower 80s again.

I am mostly good with this -- it just means that I get to keep wearing my favorite summer style a little bit longer: cropped leggings paired with sleeveless dresses.

The other day I tried to wear dark denim jeans and boots -- I had to go home and lie down in the cool bedroom under the fan for a few minutes because it was just too hot out for that nonsense. That's why I love dresses; dresses keep everything easy and comfortable, so thank goodness for them.

I've also played with the totally bare face plus black lipstick look this summer. It's become a real quick favorite for when I want to play with drama without loading my face up with eyeshadow. (Though I am once again in total love with loading my face up with eyeshadow.)

Probably I should get around to combining those summer faves; obviously I need to wear cropped leggings with a trapeze dress and black lipstick. I think I'll make that happen on Monday, actually.

What has your favorite summer trend been? I know temps have soared all over the country -- have you been okay with that or are you sweating (literally) the heat and giving up on fashion all together?

Maybe we should consider this a summer retrospective. Before we dive into fall, it'll be fun to look back over the past few months and figure out what we want to keep.

I'd absolutely love to see photos of your favorite outfit from this summer -- something you absolutely loved and felt amazing in. And here's mine:

I don't repeat a lot of outfits but I have worn this several times exactly like this. And several more times with flats instead of the red boots.

The style served its purpose, which was to be comfortable in the heat while still looking deliberate and like I wore it on purpose.

Since the dress is so shapeless, I depended on my accessories to give me a little structure. That's one reason I think the boots work so well. And the purse, while not the same color, provides a good contrast because of its shape.

Eventually it'll cool off or I'll visit somewhere cold -- I'll transition this with full length leggings, cardigans, and maybe a layer underneath.

This makeup was super fast and easy -- though I won't say it was cheap because I used Urban Decay and Kat Von D products, but that eyeliner was an Ulta bargain (some random $3.99 thing I grabbed off an endcap).

It was venue appropriate (Nine Inch Nails concert) and held up super well to the rain and then the muggy humidity -- I still swear by the Urban Decay Primer Potion -- of the outdoor venue.

And it'll transition to cooler seasons because goth is timeless.

While you consider your summer style, let's also consider this COTW, by RabbitFeet, made on "I ACCIDENTALLY SENT THE CRUELEST TEXT I'VE EVER SENT TO THE VERY FRIEND WHO I WAS TRASHING -- WHILE SHE WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME":

Cruelty isn't awesome.

To counter that, Kelly Dougher rescued her new dog Doug (I love that her dog's name is Doug and her name is DOUGher) and shared pictures over at "ENJOY! ANTI-JUDGMENT DAY IS HERE IN THIS TRULY OPEN THREAD!"


In honor of Doug, I present our cat Atlas, seated regally like the magnificent beast he is -- in Ed's lap, where the dog was sitting about a minute before I took that picture.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and give your pets some love from me if you have them!