What Stupid Little Life Tasks Do You Hate The Most (For No Reason)?

Dumb little chores can be harder for me to motivate to get done than bigger, scarier things. You? Let's talk annoying everyday life tasks we loathe and put off for no reason!
Publish date:
August 4, 2013
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Yesterday my friend was over. We were camped out in my living room, working on our laptops (actually, I was on my laptop and she was buried in school books, but same diff). I went into the kitchen to throw away the remains of the Japanese food we'd ordered for lunch. I could barely fit the plastic packaging into my very full trash can, yet I refused to stop trying to force it, get a new trash bag, and change the damn thing. I pushed and shoved and MADE THAT PLASTIC PACKAGING FIT, dammit. (Of course, it's been almost 24 hours, and I still haven't changed the trash, and now it's outright overflowing, and I STILL don't feel like changing it -- for no good reason.)

This happens to me pretty much EVERY time I need to change the trash. I don't know why. Changing it takes, like, 20 seconds. It's not difficult or complicated. It does not require strenuous exertion (because there's nothing I like less than strenuous exertion). Why do I dread it so?!

There are a bunch of other stupid everyday life tasks like this -- things I put off until the absolute last minute, or just avoid avoid avoid until I'm absolutely forced to take action. Examples? Changing the litter box (ABSOLUTE WORST THING TO DO EVER), flossing (how do people make themselves do this every day? It's awful), laundry (duh), getting my car washed (no reason), washing my dog (no reason) ... Dumb little errands and chores like these can be even harder for me to motivate to accomplish than Bigger Life Things, like making a speech, or writing something I don't feel like writing, or showing up for an important meeting.

For me I think it's partially due to sheer laziness (OK, maybe it's entirely due to sheer laziness). Also, it's easier to procrastinate on smaller things that can be done anytime -- i.e., to talk yourself out of changing the cat box when changing the cat box is something that could just as easily be done tomorrow, or the next day, with no major ramifications (except that smell).

You can't just decide to move a big work presentation to the next day; you're forced to suck it up and get it done, so it's less of a struggle, in some way. There's less wiggle room, so you don't question it -- you just take action, because you must.

It's Sunday, so let's talk annoying chores (yay!?). What are the stupid little everyday life tasks you dread and put off the most, and why?