SCIENCE says you might be a genius.
Publish date:
December 28, 2015
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Why do TV shows do this?

After a long day, I'll be huddled on my couch with my cat, a quesadilla, and an episode of Elementary playing on my computer when BAM! — Joan Watson will be ravenously brushing her teeth, working up a frothy lather, and TALKING to Sherlock while doing it.

Her speech is awkward and muffled. I can hear/feel/SENSE the toothpastey saliva and GUMMY MOUTH GUNK that came off of her teeth sloshing and SLURPING around in her mouth as she talks. And all I can think about is how she's SWALLOWING IT while not properly rinsing and spitting. Sometimes on TV they don't even RINSE. They just spit, wipe their mouth, and continue talking about the plot of the week.

Brush, slosh, gummy mouth gunk, talk, WHHHHHHHYYYYYY???

I put down the quesadilla and watch it get cold and sad.

Almost every TV show will do this "talking while brushing" scene at one time or another. I find it far worse than nails on a chalkboard. I can handle hearing someone barf far better than I can handle the sound of a toothpastey mouth talking.

And loud chewers! With their tongue, saliva, and lips SMACKING away at what was once a cheeseburger or worse SPAGHETTI — they make me want to forbid them from ever masticating in my presence again.

Slurpy, smacking mouth sounds, man. Nope.

But SCIENCE says that I might be a GENIUS. Research published in Neuropsychologia by Northwestern University says that there might be a link between creative GENIUSES and sensitivity to "sound distraction".

The study suggested that people with “leaky” sensory gating tended to be more creative as they have an ability to deploy attention over a larger range of stimuli...which can also help hone their ability to create associations with distant concepts or ideas.

Okay, even SCIENCE says this is reaching. The study didn't have enough participants and CREATIVE GENIUS is too subjective to measure in this way. But this doesn't stop me from wanting to shout, "STOP IT! I'M A GENIUS!" when the toothpaste talkers or loud chewers go to town.

So what "normal" sounds gross you out? Are you a certified genius and can comment on the correlation? Do toothpaste talkers horrify you too? Tell us and let us share in your disgust.