What I’ve learnt From xoJane This Week

I haven't shamelessly sucked up to you guys in ages, so here you go, six reasons why I love youuuuuuuu.
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November 23, 2012
comments, what I've learnt from xoJane this week

I’ve been a bit quiet on the What I’ve Learnt front recently, not because I haven’t learnt anything from you crazy kids (I’ve learnt LOADS, as you will soon discover), but because I’ve been a bit busy with other things, including but not limited to:

- Testing every mince pie I come across in this great city, in order to find London’s Ultimate Mince Pie. I will feedback as soon as my research is complete.

- Searching for the ultimate velvet body-con skirt for the office Christmas party – if anyone comes across a good one, will you let me know? I’m trying to break my metallic dress habit.

- Trying to make my ill-advised fringe look a bit less like a collection of splintered twigs sitting on my forehead.

- Some editing.

Anyway, I had a spare 30 minutes today, so I thought I’d make the most of the downtime and tell you all how wonderful you are. Again, some more. Here are some of the things I’ve learnt from you lovely lot in the millennia since I last did this feature.

That Mooncups are actually pretty great, and quite a few of you use themThis was thanks to Stevie’s brave decision to test one out for us all. I also now know the size of most of your foofs.

That everyone loves a chap in a onesieOr maybe Stuart Heritage is the only one who can just get away with it. Either way, when he wrote about being the Voice of Men in magazines, I didn’t expect the comments to be quite so onesie-based.

Hell, Asda are now stockpiling them for Christmas so clearly we’re getting into National Craze territory. Are onesies the new Sudoku?

That Fem has the best lunchesOne of my favourite parts of Robyn’s extreme diet posts (apart from the posts themselves) were Fem’s suggestions for healthy lunches for Robyn to try when she finished the diet, which I’ve totally nabbed for myself (not right now, because I’m eating a Pret mince pie, obvs).

That everyone has very strong opinions about benefitsOk, I sort of already knew this, but it was great reading the comments about the government’s proposed benefit cuts in Becca’s piece about being bought up on benefits as a child.

I love a good (polite) bun fight in the comments section, and I love seeing how bright and interesting and clever and cool you all are. I also feel like you should be putting Iain Duncan Smith out of a job.

That we’re reclaiming the C wordI was just considering whether or not to drop the C Bomb all over you then. As it happens, Siam did it for me last month, when she discussed the possibility that c**t has become the sweary equivalent of skinny jeans – it used to be really cool and hardcore, but it’s lost its edge of late.

Anyway, as you all pointed out, it never used to be a bad word, which makes me think that we need to start a campaign to get See You Next Tuesday recategorised AS A GOOD THING. You in?

That I’m not the only Christmas party Tit out thereThanks for the reassurance guys – although I’m now wondering if you’re all enabling my bad behaviour.

ALSO mucho thanks to cicatricella For all of her pro tips on how not to be the office wanker once the drinks start flowing. I’ll try them all and report back on how I get on.

Last night I went for a drink with my friend, and then left before closing time, unprompted. THAT’S GROWTH, THAT IS.

I know I’ve missed loads out, so tell me, what are your favourite posts/comments from the last few months?