What I learnt from xoJane this week

I’ve only been in for two days this week, so it’s been a bit of a crash course in how amazing you all are. Again.
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August 24, 2012

Because I'm tight, I'm writing this with my laptop perched on my lap at Munich airport, because I get 30 minutes free WiFi...

Guten tag (I’m writing this from Germany, but that’s the extent of my mad language skillz I’m afraid folks). In my absence you’ve all proved once again who the real stars of this site are. Here are some of the amazing things I’ve learnt from you all this week…

You’re all much better at packing than I am:Phoebe Smuggy McSmuggerson Frangoul may be a crack hand at packing lightly, and it turns out, so are LOADS of you, including Clo, who beat even Phoebe:

I go on 2 week holidays with only carry on. really makes you think about what you want to bring and prevents over packing. i buy a lot of my liquids when i get there, shampoo, conditioner, sun cream. then i just have to pack my face liquids. Romeo done.

If you’re interested, this is what I packed for a 2-week holiday:

It’s entirely possible to fake a dirty weekend away:When I asked xoJane writers to suggest some places for alternative dirty weekends (I’m thinking more Romford than Rome, y’all), Alisande was straight off the mark with a request to go to Wolverhampton with her beloved.

And Spiderpearl was on hand to give us her top tip for a dirty weekend without actually spending any money (our favourite kind):

Best ever budget dirty weekend: telling everyone we were away, and then staying home with the curtains closed. Felt like stolen time, and was truly fabulous.

Gin can go bad:This was a shocker for me, a gin aficionado (I had one of those experiences with a bottle of vodka when I was 16 and haven’t really been able to stomach it since).

But Rachel’s defence of the humble vodka, which has, admittedly lost its way in the face of relentless gin worship, led to some of you sharing your worst experiences of the juniper stuff, including JC:

There is a patch in my dad's front garden that will never grow back thanks to my gin-soaked digestive pyrotechnics at my 18th birthday. But that was after several hours were spent on my couch crying with a whole bunch of other girls.

Teen parties got so much more fun when we all stopped drinking gin and discovered the joys of vodka.

It’s almost enough to get me to bin the Bombay Saphire. Almost…

There’s no such thing as a boring pit wig:And then on to hair armpits – Squeamish Kate’s to be precise.

She’s growing her pit wig in August to raise money for Verity, a charity that supports women suffering from Polycycstic Ovaries Syndrome.

While debating the merits of growing your armpit hair, Nicola felt that armpit hair didn’t always go with black tie dress – cue this rather fantastic piece of advice from Kate.

Nicola: While hairy armpits don't go with my ballsgowns and cocktail dresses, if I'm in a t-shirt and jeans I feel no need to prune my pits. Good luck Squeamish Kate! I hope you keep them hairy come September 1st.

Sqeamish Kate: Have you never heard of glitter hairspray? Big in the 90s, which are back. Takes day armpits to night in one spray.

Yes, we’ll all be trying it. In fact, sod it, send me pics of your creative underarm topiary to and I’ll do a gallery of em!