What I Learnt From xoJane This Week

It's sooooo cold and I'm sooooo sleepy. Fortunately I've got all of your comments to keep me awake (not sarcastic, BTW).
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November 30, 2012
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Urrrrrrrrgh! Despite getting a full 7.45 hours of sleep last night (amazing, right?) I’m really not feeling it today. It might be because it’s been a long old week, or because it’s freezing out, but I'm one more chocolate biscuit away from having a snooze underneath my desk.

...And I'm back. That was amazing. Anyway, here's what Iearnt from xoJane (and you all) this week:

I’m not the only middle-class twat with a cleanerSo, when I wrote about trying to fire my cleaner after she (sort of/not really) tried to kill me, I discovered that I'm not the only person to have/had a cleaner, nor am I the only one who has come a cropper when the relationship went south.

For example, Olivia had this tale of woe:

This comment made me spit my tea out on my screen (lovely) and properly LOL. Not because it was funny, necessarily, but because I love the absurdity of it all.

And I've just realised that subhead makes it sound like I think you're all twats. I really don't. I've always harboured a suspicion that I might be, though.

That boobs come in 32KMe and my stupid D cups were already feeling particularly inadequate when we started reading Becca's post about how she learnt to love her massive knockers (I'm paraphrasing slightly). I love how a load of you came out in the comments section to form a big boob support (haha) group.

And more power to Joan in the comments section and her 32K boobs. I genuinely had no idea K cups existed, which only goes to show what a sheltered life I've led, boob-wise.

That putting ‘man’ in front of a word does not make it a ‘thing for men’To be honest, I knew this already, but it was a relief to discover that you’re all as offended by manwiches, guy liner and manbags as Stuart Heritage is.

I also enjoyed your latest innovations, including, but not limited to manustrating (ha!), manarchist, manscara. Well done, one and all.

That I really, really need to go to BerlinAlisande’s post about her dirty weekend in Berlin made me realise quite how much I’d enjoy visiting one of the many European citites I’ve never made it to (I've been to a lot of fairly obscure ones, but have managed to skip all the big ones, for some reason).

I became even more determined to pay a visit when you all waded in to talk about quite how much you loved the city/ have always wanted to go. In fact, I’m wildly procrastinating by searching for budget flights to Berlin RIGHT THIS SECOND.

That getting advice from older and wiser women can be AMAZINGThis week editor and journalist Louise Chunn spent a couple of days in the xoJane UK offices with us, and wrote a great piece about why women in their 20s and 30s need to stop being hard on themselves.

Not only did it remind me to do what it says on the tin and stop being so hard on myself, the comments made me realise that we ALL spend our lives staggering about wondering what the hell we’re doing.

And if you know someone older and wiser who can give you some sage advice, you should take it.

Right, I'm off to have an unprecendented cup of coffee to keep me awake for the rest of the day. What did I miss out? What were your favourite posts/comments from xoJane UK this week?