What Do You Forget When You Pack? Plus, COTW!

Somehow I once left a dress behind in Park City, Utah. I still have no idea how that happened.
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September 14, 2014
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WHEW, holy crap. What an amazing -- though totally and completely overwhelming and busy -- weekend. I have to call it a success.

Maker Faire was a constant surge of people. I know that sounds like a nightmare for some people and sometimes I feel like that, too. The press and the motion can make me vaguely nauseated if I’m not prepared.

The Orlando Science Center has four floors. Two of them were dedicated to all of the various booths with 3D printers. One of them was full of the big stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. And up on the fourth floor, in the middle of the dinosaurs, there was the art.

Well, except for the guy using LEGO to make prints. He’s super amazing and his press is way fancier than mine -- his larger operation got a more easily accessed spot.

I think the pressure to sell at a show like this is lessened as well -- folks are demonstrating so it’s not such a big deal to gather around a table and ask someone how their cool hobby works.

That lack of pressure means I got to relax a little bit, too. I love relief printing, so talking to people about it was fun. I even met a few other local printers -- hopefully we’ll be able to touch base after the show.

This morning was rough -- I got Ed to drop me off on his way to work so that we wouldn’t be juggling two cars when he helped me break down my little booth at the end of the day. And then I left my purse in his car.

No big deal, right? Except it really was a big deal. Because my glasses were in my purse! As were some other specific items: my ID, my debit card, my inhaler, my Square card swiper.


Fortunately a friend was willing to run up to his job and grab my purse for me. And I remembered everything else in my big rolling sewing cart so it could have been worse.

It reminds me, though, of how I have started to double check and overpack socks whenever I travel -- because I almost always forget socks the first time through.

A friend of mine always forgets her laptop charger. Fortunately, when we travel together, she can borrow mine.

Ed usually forgets contact lens solution. He’s been wearing glasses more than contacts lately, so he has successfully avoided that whole issue.

He’s a smart guy.

What do you forget when you’re packing up? Or, do you make a list and pack super efficiently without leaving anything out? What’s the hardest to replace item that you’ve ever packed?

Somehow I once left a dress behind in Park City, Utah. I still have no idea how that happened.

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