What Do You Eat For Breakfast? Plus COTW!

If it's in smoothie form, I'll probably drink it. And then I'll show you the Comment of the Week.
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August 10, 2014
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Breakfast has long been my least favorite meal of the day.

First -- and perhaps foremost -- I hate the timing of breakfast.

When I've just woken up, the last thing I want to deal with is stopping to eat food. I want to go and do things and run around and enjoy my morning. I want to make sure I have the supplies I need on hand for the things I want to make in the afternoon.

Stopping for breakfast means I'm losing at least an hour -- maybe more if my fellow breakfasters are feeling chatty.

Second, while I'll eat French toast for dinner like a champ, most breakfast foods just make me want to take a nap.

That is also not a boon to productivity.

This is why I am so bad at brunching. Which is a shame because I know some people who brunch really well.

Unfortunately, I have learned that skipping breakfast just sets me up to fail at feeding myself for the entire rest of the day. That's not a kind thing to do to the people around me -- how many of you identify with "hangry"? (Which is, I think, my fave portmanteau if only for the simplicity of it.)

This is why I favor smoothies in the morning. So many smoothies. All the smoothies.

Kale and spinach and random herbs. Rice milk or green tea or coconut water. Fruits (local and possibly organic and then probably frozen because, hey, I hate to waste).

It all goes into the terrifying Ninja blender that we bought after I burnt out my 15-year-old Oster with some carrots.

Some days are more successful than others. I mistook cilantro for parsley one day, because it was too early and everything was frozen. That was a very unsuccessful day.

But some days are super delicious. And playing with ingredients is fun. I keep planning on roasting some beets to throw into the mix, and it isn't like there's any shortage of berry variety at the green grocer right now.

If I get a little excited about flax seeds or liquid vitamin D during the winter, well, hopefully no one will judge me. Or my smoothie.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Ponder that while we congratulate Literary License for this comment of the week, found on "My Ex-Husband Raped My Daughter and I Fear That I Will Never Forgive Myself":

Honestly, the whole post and all of the comments should be read. It may very well be that the most powerful thing you can do for a victim of sexual assault is believe them.

For our crafty comment of the week, I am turning to Sun Bear, who posted this picture of some recently knitted socks on my post from Saturday, "Make This With Me: New Wave Quilt":

I can't finish a second sock to save my life (metaphorically speaking), so I am always super impressed by finished pairs.

In congratulations to you both, I offer up this kick-ass crocheted tire cover I was lucky enough to spot on a local Orlando vehicle. So very cool.