Welcome To Another COTW

Thanks for spending your weekend with me!
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December 14, 2014
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This weekend has flown by and it's somehow already time for another COTW post so we can appreciate what folks have been talking about on the site.

First up! It's user Boo with a comment on "My Breasts, My Choice: Why I'm Nursing My Three-Year-Old":

I personally figure that people get to make their own parenting choices and I thought the article was incredibly interesting. And because kids are all different and parenting isn't a science, there isn't really a way to say that this is a good or bad choice. It's just a thing. I am glad to have read about it.

Second COTW! This one is from jillynn and it's from "'If I Had Your Body I'd Kill Myself' And Other Terrible Things To Say To A Fat Person":

Yes, pretty much that.

My personal favorite set of comments this week can be found on "I Love Sterling Silver Jewelry Now As Much As I Did When I Was A Brooding '90s Teen". Thank you, haleysname and downtempojazz -- I snorted so loud.

Please enjoy this photo of Freya in holiday gear. And thanks for spending your weekend with me! What do you have going on this upcoming week? I've got so many holiday cards to mail.