Have You Heard These Christmas Caroling Goats?

What weird Christmas music are you listening to?
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December 15, 2015
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So have you heard these goats singing Christmas carols yet?

I like that while the songs are festive, the goats are shrieking. Like they JUST CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE OF THE HOLIDAYS ANYMORE. That's a goat after my own heart. (For those of you wondering, like I was wondering, I believe no goats were harmed in the goating of this goat album.)

My husband says the goats are unsettling. But I kind of like my holiday season a little unsettling.

You too? Then here are more goats screaming in exultation. It gets really good around the "joy" part of the word "joyful". The word "Bethlehem" is also a winner. Sing along, you'll see.

These are just two songs off the album, "All I Want For Christmas is a Goat" by the Swedish branch of ActionAid. Aside from being your new favorite holiday album, the collection is meant to raise awareness of the importance of dairy goats in impoverished communities.

Want to give the gift of a goat? Help a struggling family gain self-sufficiency? Visit ActionAid's "Goat-Breeding Programme" page for more details.

The album is also available on "all major streaming services", with proceeds benefitting ActionAid.

Goats: raising awareness, raising your holiday spirit.

If goats aren't your thing, but you do like your Christmas music a little on the darker side, I offer this:

That's Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" covered by Chase Holfelder in a minor key (and some other stuff). In Holfelder's world you may wonder if Love Actually...Might Be Dead.

GOOD GOD LEMON, you can't end a holiday Open Thread by CRAPPING ON CHRISTMAS LOVE. Quick, here's a Jingle Cat!

We good? Or did this make things worse?

What weird, wacky, or creepy Christmas music are you listening to right now? Are there bizarre versions of Hanukkah songs out there? What do you think of the goats?