Weekend Report: It's A Weekend Challenge!

Have you heard of ufyh?
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June 14, 2014
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Check it out, we've survived another week! (Despite the unending rain here in Orlando.) Sometimes that feels like a major accomplishment in and of itself, especially when I'm overwhelmed the rest of the week by something as simple as how many pairs of shoes have wound up in my living room.

When you're stressed out, I think little details like that wind up being a safe something you can let slide. Or maybe that's just the excuse I use when I spend all weekend sewing instead of taking the 10 minutes to sort out my shoe pile.

In any event, I meant to spend last weekend quilting. Instead, I got all obsessed with this dress I ordered from eShakti a while back. It's light and airy and super duper comfortable; temps here have been in the 90s for a while and even my commitment to summertime layering is being stressed. And when I say I got obsessed, I mean I used the dress to make my own pattern and then sew multiple versions of it myself.

Sewing with premade patterns is not my strong suit. There's always so much alteration needed that I get fed up and throw the whole project away before I finish it. But using clothes that fit well to make my own patterns is a whole different ball of something balled up.

It really works. Which is why I'm going to show y'all how to do it in another post.

(A long time ago, someone tried to insult me by saying my style was childish yet matronly. But this should work for you even if we don't share a style profile.)

But, really, every shoe pile must be sorted eventually -- and hopefully by the end of the weekend. And so, on Sunday night, I wound up using a technique from ufyh (the 20/10) combined with the Star Trek method that commenter Miss Patni described in comments last weekend to not only transport my shoes to the closet where they belong but also to tidy up the coffee table and a bunch of craft materials that have settled on the 2-seater church pew in my living room.

Are you familiar with ufyh? It's a website (and a Tumblr and a Twitter account and an app) to help folks who might not have it all together when it comes to cleaning up their environment. In fact, the strategies are applicable to a lot of the chores with which people struggle. Two of the central ideas: Marathon cleaning sessions are bad for you and you can only do what you can do -- so if you've got chronic pain or mental health issues or a physical disability or anything else that is getting in the way of you taking control of your habitat, you're encouraged to modify challenges and otherwise modify things to make it work for you.

Because I was traveling and because we're adjusting to my husband's new work schedule, things around my house have gotten kind of messy. So this weekend, though a lot of time will be spent with visiting family, I'm planning to do this weekend challenge. As this gets posted, in fact, I should be working on that first listed challenge.

If you feel overwhelmed by mess or clutter, you're just bad about cleaning, or you like to clean with some encouraging company, why not join me in this weekend challenge? Tell me what your goals are and then check back in by the end of the weekend -- in the meantime, maybe we can cheer each other on.

Or at least discuss which episode of Star Trek we've rewarded ourselves with if we're sticking with Miss Patni's method.

Welcome to your weekend! What are you planning?

And if you've got a pitch for a weekend post, I'm still totally interested; pitch me at