Weekend Recovery Plus The Comment Of The Week!

Sometimes lazy is the only option. Plus, COTW!

Whew, this past week was a really tough one.

The days were super long and because I can never sleep when I'm stressed, the nights weren't particularly restful either. By the time Friday night rolled around, all of my dreams were about work -- and by "dreams," I totally mean "nightmares."

Fortunately, I didn't actually have to go to the office on Saturday -- I got work done for some other stuff and then I found myself kind of a loss.

I'm not very good at relaxing. You can probably tell if you've known me for any length of time.

While I don't expect it from anyone else, I have this unreasonable expectation that I will be productive 100% of the time.

But not this weekend! No, because the week had been so heinous, I sat on the sofa and I stewed about how I ought to be spending this time recovering from the week so that I could do it all again on Monday.

I might have even brooded over it for a little while. But it's really hard to brood in the summer time with the sunshine and the cheerful butterflies and all of that, so that was short-lived. And I settled my mind on not working -- because I always have side projects -- and that I was going to NOT WORK without feeling guilty about it.

First stop was a sandwich and reading fan fic on my phone. (Avengers fic, mostly -- any good recs?)

Second stop was the craft store -- I had a couple coupons so I was just going to do that thing you do sometimes where you wander and figure nothing is really going to catch your eye.

I fell -- not literally literally -- into a big stack of fabric featuring my two current favorite colors for fabric (turquoise and red) and then the afternoon really got good.

Ed was at work so I had the house to myself. I watched "Forensics Files" on Netflix and I sewed and texted and petted the dog and the cats and took a nap.

And I really, truly started to feel better.

(The only drawback is that I missed you all on Saturday! I was still around and reading but I was really just all out of words for a little while there.)

Sometimes just stopping is so incredibly restorative. It's a hard lesson for me to learn -- I'm all about momentum because sometimes I think if I stop then I won't ever get started again. (Mind you, I have no idea what I'm trying to be racing towards) -- but I'm glad that I got to put it into practice this weekend.

I hope your weekend was exactly what you needed it to be, too.

And now, on to the Comment of the Week.

This week's COTW is short and simple -- because sometimes there really is nothing else to say. This comment by broadzilla comes from Kelli Dunham's piece "MY LAST TWO PARTNERS DIED, AND THREE YEARS LATER I'M TRYING TO DATE AGAIN":

Comments like that were why upvoting was invented, probably. Well, OK. Upvoting was invented so 500 people wouldn't leave pictures of cats on posts underneath the comment.

I know xoJaners have a lot of opinions about up (and down) voting -- what's better: upvotes or IAWTP cat pictures?

And now, from "OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: ALL OVER THE WEATHER SPECTRUM" there is this magnificent bit of DIY, courtesy of yesindeedperhaps:

CHECK THAT OUT. That's permanent marker (Sharpies, maybe, yesindeedperhaps?) that has been used to freshen up a pair of mud-stained white tennis shoes. I can't draw freehand like that and I am always madly in love with it when people can.

Also: Wonder Woman.

It's Sunday afternoon and the weekend is beginning to wind down. I'm meeting friends who were here in Orlando for Leaky Con and I can't wait to ask a hundred questions or so about the new Diagon Alley. In the meantime, please accept these flowers as your trophy.