VOTE FOR S.E.! Women's Media Center Social Media Award

Our own Social Justice Editor, s.e. smith, has been nominated for a prestigious award. Vote!
Publish date:
October 26, 2012

s.e. smith, our illustrious Social Justice Editor, has been nominated for a very awesome and important award, the Women's Media Center Social Media Award. Other people we really really like have also been nominated (Tami Winfrey Harris!Janet Mock!Issa Rae!), so I don't wanna tell you outright to vote for s.e. (although I am) -- but I do implore you to check out the voting site, review the candidates and make a decision. As the Social Media Person around here, I can attest to the importance of social media for activists, and one cause that's especially near and dear to my heart is gender justice. All the people on this list do a killer job.

So head on over the Women's Media Center site and vote! And the follow s.e.'s Twitter and check out ou's site

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