A Very Brief Notes from the Assistant

This will be very brief as I'm racing against the clock to get everything done before the new week starts tomorrow and the Super Bowl halftime show starts tonight.
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February 6, 2012
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This will be very brief as I'm racing against the clock to get everything done before the new week starts tomorrow and the Super Bowl halftime show starts tonight. (No, I won't be watching the game. But I'll be watching the halftime extravaganza, dancing and singing along at home! I need to warm up!) It was another week full of updates, changes, learning and moving forward. I love weeks like this. I love when everyone who works in the XO office is there at the same time. It feels like a holiday. As a bonus, we even had a guest (armed with delicious cupcakes) at our staff meeting, contributor Elizabeth. We haven't spent this much time together in forever (maybe ever). I always appreciate quality time with my gloriously dysfunctional xoJane family. The dysfunction is the glue that holds our clan together. I live for our dysfuntion!The big highlight this week, Jane's new phone! Hooray!! This has been in the works for months as our production team worked like tech olympians perfecting the new look and awesome functionality. Jane has been clear where she stands on change. She is slightly wary of it. I grew slightly wary at the end of the day on Thursday when Shanna, our amazing project manager, announced the new phone was ready to go-- that night-- in less than an hour. Holy Crap!When Shanna announced the big news, it was for the most part, an "expected surprise". As with most things, especially tech related, launch dates are highly susceptible to being pushed back. We all know and accept it. We had an idea it would be soon, but rather than keep pushing for a hard date for launch, we went with the flow (for the most part). It would happen when it was ready and suppose to happen. (Our tech and design peeps are genius, by the way.) We were an hour away from the grand unveiling and I could see the twinge of nerves (and excitement) in Jane's eyes. I quietly worried how she was going to handle this; the phone is her lifeline to all of you and it was going to completely change. A million and one questions and scenarios rushed through my mind as the clock counted down to 6pm. What if it doesn't work? What if it disables the phone option, indefinitely? What if it crashes the site? What if disappears?? What if this makes me lose my mind, start drinking alone, at home, day and night, beginning my decent into a shell of an assistant before disappearing from the world altogether? (I'm such a Drama Queen, seriously! Jane said "change is eh". I, per usual, brought "eh' to a whole new level!)Before I had time to throw back my first vodka martini, the new phone was launched. It was up and running fairly smoothly. Considering what had been running through my brains about it, I was relieved (and able to put the liquor away). Yes, there are some bugs, but that's the case with most new computer thingys. It looks awesome and works better everyday. The best part, Jane never really batted an eyelash. Truly, she was as cool as her daily Chia Kombucha. She may not like change, but she handled this change like the awesome editrix ( I love that term, editrix) she is and proved my fears were completely without merit. I'm so proud and relieved and happy for everyone (so is my liver). This launch is a big step toward other exciting changes coming down the line. Take a look now (if you haven't already) let her know what you think!Before I leave you to warm up my voice and stretch my calves for my halftime show sing-a-long (to be attended by me and Winter, my cat), I wanted acknowledge that February 1st marked my six-month anniversary with Jane and the site. (Yippee!!) I realize six months isn't that long and not a typical milestone, but I'm thrilled to have been kept around this long and I still love every minute of it. I look forward to the next six months and beyond. You guys are awesome, truly! I can't wait to see what's down the road. I have a feeling it's going to be GOOD!

Wishing you all an amazing week ahead! XO Bryan

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