Today I've Decided To Say Something Nice About … Myself

On this inaugural "Say Something Nice On The Internet Day," I feel like it's most important to treat myself right.
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February 29, 2012
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I'm definitely in favour of Emily's proposed holiday, "Say Something Nice On The Internet Day." I always try to be a good person to others. Politeness and kindness, in my opinion, should just come naturally. I don't make it a mission of mine to taunt people or harass them, especially not on the Internet. I've definitely been the victim of some e-bullying before, and it doesn't feel great, to put it gently. Especially when you're your own worst enemy.

As someone who's no stranger to depression or anxiety, it's easy to beat myself up over the smallest things. And lately, whether it's the Winter weather, or maybe just adjusting to my new life, I haven't been feeling so hot.

And so today, instead of saying something nice about others (which I believe is important, when you compliment someone else, they feel good, you feel good, and it's an endless cycle of good vibes -- really!), I've decided to say something nice about myself. Because if you're treating yourself like garbage, it's hard to treat others well. You know that saying, "No one will love you if you don't love yourself"? Well, maybe that's not entirely true (lots of people love "damaged" people) but, oh my gosh, I'm rambling. THE POINT IS: I'm going to say something nice about myself, and then to make this post worthwhile, I want you all to comment with 5 things you love about yourselves. Whether it's a funny joke you told last week, your incredible skills in the kitchen (or bedroom, whatever, we all have our own unique talents!), I want you to share them. Let's build ourselves up!

And so, here are …

Five Great Things About Me

1. I'm Pretty Funny

Maybe it's weird, but I laugh at my own jokes a lot. I go back and read my old sentbox texts and laugh. I make stupid videos, go back and rewatch them, and laugh. I make other people laugh, and I think they're genuinely "ha-ha"-ing. They aren't just pity laughs. Whoever said women aren't funny is a) a totally dumb idiot and b) hasn't met me. I made a Beverly Hills, 90210 blog in 2006 and I still go back and laugh it at sometimes. And I only posted on it twice!

2. I Have Nice Eyebrows

Is this vain? Who cares! It's time to say something nice about myself, and my brows are pretty darn nice. I've been plucking them since the 5th grade (I know, weird), and stopped plucking in between them in high school (seriously, they were so far apart, it was like my brows were the Red Sea and Moses got involved). Now, my brows have gotten closer and we're all one big happy, well-arched family.

3. Animals And Children Like Me

Animals and kids can be pretty picky, and sometimes they straight-up turn on certain people (see: witches). But, they seem to like me pretty well. Dogs jump up in delight when they see me, and we become instant friends. All the kids I've babysat have enjoyed hanging out with me, probably because I'm perfectly happy to sit down and watch whatever annoying movie they're obsessed with at the time. When I worked retail, there were more than a few little girls who would excitedly tell me I looked like Snow White. I'm just an animal and small human magnet, what can I say?

4. I Smell Nice

I was a smelly kid. I never wore shoes and spent 90 percent of my waking hours outdoors. When it came time for me to take a bath, I would fight my mom. The fact that I grew up into a bath-obsessed beauty editor is sort of funny, but I'm quite happy with the turn for cleanliness that my life has taken. I now have access to lotions, perfumes, scented powders and fancy soaps that all make me smell and feel like some fancy … Countess. Yes, I'll go with "Countess."

5. I Have An Awesome Job

OK, this doesn't really count as a personality trait, but whenever I feel bummed out (euphemism for "like shit"), I remember how incredibly lucky I am to be working for a personal idol of mine, one Jane Pratt, and an awesome, intelligent, funny, talented and diverse team of individuals known as the staff of I get to write about beauty and other things I am passionate about, and share those things with you guys, the absolutely AMAZING readers (whose kind comments have made me smile when I really did not feel like doing so). I love you all, I love this job, and I am one lucky lady to be apart of this whole she-bang.

Now, tell my 5 things you love (or even just like) about yourself. Say something nice about YOU. Let's all stop hating on ourselves, hopefully for longer than just one day.