8 Things I Couldn't Get Anybody To Write About This Week

Which ones would you like to read and/or write?
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July 14, 2012

Emily was really happy we were all wearing dresses and heels on this day.

Here, once again, is the list of story ideas we DIDN'T cover this week. (We were too busy NOT copy-editing.) Enjoy, if you like. And tell us where we went wrong. Note: I particularly want someone to try idea number 8 here, 'cause I'm masochistic like that. XO

DIY: Decorate your birth control? ( )

Jennifer Weiner on the NY Times and women authors (Jezebel)

Legally blind teenager competes for Miss Florida (Daily Mail)

Pat Buchanan can suck it (Think Progress)

Are dudes who like women of a particular race creepers? (Huffington Post)

80 percent of men will never cry in public (Daily Mail)

Make your own headband (

couples forbidding orgasms to build intimacy? Someone want to try this? (Daily Mail)