What Did You Wear This Week? Plus Comment Of The Week

If we go more than a week without OUTFIT OF THE WEEK, I miss it, too. Plus, COTW.
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October 12, 2014
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I've been wearing sort of a uniform lately -- black pants and a soft jersey knit top of some sort, also in black. Part of it is my usual goth leanings, where I default to all-black unless I'm making an effort. It's a comfort zone, I won't lie.

It's also October, a.k.a prime time for spooky fashions. Regardless of how many rainbow dresses I wear during the rest of the year, I always return to black lace skirts and velvet before Halloween. Which is a shame because it's still kind of ridiculously hot here in the sunshine. Finding other ways to express a hanging-out-in-graveyards aesthetic is golden.

That's why I have to share these Dr. Martens that suit the season to perfection.

If you don't recognize the print, it's imagery taken from the "Hell" panel of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthy Delights. Dr. Martens released the Bosch capsule collection in May.

I waffled too long and missed my chances at either the oxford or the boot in my size. There was much lamentation that day, let me tell you. I've been searching my usual haunts ever since, but I hadn't had any luck until this past week.

Journeys, of all places, that ’90s mall staple of a shoe store, came through for me. They've also got an exclusive boot in the "Heaven" print if that's more your style. The best option would be to buy both and then wear one of each.

That's what's got me excited this week -- but let's talk about YOUR outfits from the September 26th OUTFIT OF THE WEEK post.

Hannah looked great in her "normal" clothes, right? It's fascinating to me how polarizing the idea of normcore has been. I find myself in the same camp with katie_keys -- which might be why her outfit delighted me so much when I went looking.

There's just something about a Western-style shirt that makes things work for me.

It's true that not every environment is horse-print appropriate. So I was also completely into Shira's silk plaid shirtdress. It's got an great drape to it and the color is so perfect for this time of year especially.

Clothes are so fun. But now I want to see what you all were wearing this week and last week. Post your pictures!

And in the meantime, check out this week's comment of the week, from user ParisTiger on "I'LL NEVER GO GRAY, AND IT SUCKS":

My own favorite comment is by dearsister88 -- and I admit that the icon is half of why I can't stop laughing about it. This comes from "I LOST 10 POUNDS BY TAKING PICTURES OF EVERYTHING I ATE AND SENDING IT TO A STRANGER":

Whether you are eating cream cheese off a knife or dyeing your hair this week, I hope it's an awesome one. Thanks for hanging out with me. I'll see you next weekend.