The First Sign of the Bedazzled Armpit Hair Extensions Trend Has Surfaced

Celebrating that we are human women takes effort and accessories.
Publish date:
December 4, 2014

Perusing the glorious cotton candy colored armpits of Tumblr, we found the first sign ever of abrand new armpit look.

You’ve already heard about women dying their armpit hair, but if you’re as serious about your rainbow pits as this French trendsetter, celebrating that we are human women takes effort and accessories.

Because some men tend to view women who don’t annihilate body hair as mean, lazy criminals, this is a powerful statement that communicates strength, whimsy, and it’s also a sign that this woman might be a princess. Unfortunately, it looks like it might be uncomfortable. As you see, it’s dyed not one, but two bright colors, it’s decorated with stick-ons, which might get itchy, and dangling with shiny extensions the color of sunshine and lilac fields. It calls to mind the tail of a magical pony. Maybe you thought throwing out your razors would be a feminist statement that would save you grooming time, but this beginning of a trend proves otherwise.

Waving your arms around like you just don’t care just got even more involved.

Reprinted with permission from Styleite.