The Astro Twins Came To xoJane HQ And Called Me A Unicorn

I found out so much about meeee!
Publish date:
June 3, 2014
astrology, astrotwins

I actually dressed up for them when they came.

I wore this A.P.C. dress that I got from a clothing swap a few weeks ago and I had been saving it for a wedding or something because it’s silk and super professional and the last thing I would want to do is look professional at my JOB.

But when I found out the Astro Twins, also known as Tali and Ophira Edut, were coming to xoJane HQ, I pretty much barreled through everybody in the office to make sure I could get my chart done. I've always wanted my chart done, it has really been a dream of mine for a long time. I love the way they look and anything that is about me is usually interesting to me. I just need a little clarity in my life, and the Astrotwins are here to give it to me.

So I told them my birthday, birthtime, and birthplace and the went to work. This is what my chart looks like:

I don’t know if it is bad mojo to Instagram your chart but I did it anyway. I mean I don’t want somebody to know ALL of my secrets, but I guess you could only know them if you are magical and can read the chart, like the Astrotwins did for me.

So, what did they say about me? I can only tell you a few things because, it was pretty real and I don’t want to reveal too much to you nerds because I’m really happy shrouded in mystery. Here are a few things they found in my chart.

  • When I get angry, I get ANGRY.
  • I’m lucky.
  • I should date older guys.
  • I’m a good dancer.
  • Though I’m not a health nut now, I will be in the future.
  • "Life’s about a celebration for you. It’s all about having fun, letting go of the control, dreaming, dancing, telling poetry, unicorns …"

Oh, sorry, did you not hear that? I have a UNICORN chart. I have no real idea what it means really, but what I do know that it’s awesome to be told that my star essence (is that what its called?) is that of a Unicorn. I think it has something to do with being showoffy, but it’s cool, I can cop to that.

I love these women, they are absolutely delightful to have around and I hope they are welcome back ANYTIME. Until then, I’ll be watching them over at Refinery 29 on their new webseries Astrologica. Please watch it! These two women will change your life.