FRIDAY FUNDAY: Ridiculously Chic Vintage Finds & Antioxidant-Packed Liquor

OK-- so we're really talking about LAST Friday, 11-11-11, remember?
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November 18, 2011
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Last Friday (11-11-11!) was one of our most jam-packed Fundays ever. ¿POR QUE? Because it was Jane's birthday and too many chic things were hapening (I was too busy to write).

I walked into the office at 10:30 and our friend Meghan Folsom from The American Vernacular was ready for us with a rack of ridiculous dresses, a case of drool-worthy jewelry, and the sweetest black 'n white pup I ever saw (Georgie).

The American Vernacular is the newest project put out by Bryn Lander; she drove all over our big-ol' country collecting rare and one-of-a-kind vintage clothing and accessories, and now they are conveniently for sale on her site.

After attending their launch party, we started to get really into it, and we decided why not have fun on Friday modeling some pieces hand-selected by Bryn and Meghan? (Where was Julie? She was on a phone interview with Kristen Cavallari!)

I spotted this incredibly hot, hot pink dress on the rack, and I knew it had to be for me. (Did you know my aura is pink? It is s also my favorite color, but I rarely wear it.) Then I thought to myself, What goes better with hot pink than black 'n white? So I used Georgie here as a means to an end:

Olivia looks so proper and so mysterious in this pleated, tennis-y piece.

It must have been a really fun day for Helene, because she was channeling Kate Moss hardcore. At lunch, some dude even approached our huge, round, 8-person table to flirt with her in front of all us. She's shockingly sexy in this dress, which reminds me of those old-fashioned doilies my mom picks up by the handful at the flea market.

This dress did not look like much on the hanger, but was banging, classy, timeless.

The Veterans Day Parade was going down Fifth Avenue, so we ran downstairs in very structured, housewife-y looking dresses to check out the scene.

Here we are hanging with our boy, his name slips my mind, but he was in Special Ops in Vetnam and with his whole bike crew. Nicest guys around.

I was really into this uber-structured emerald dress. It's kind of hard to see here, but the clean crispy lines on the skirt of the dress make it pop out just so. So very structured; it makes one look expensive and commands respect. Helene's dress was a sultry black velvet, sexy enough for wearing out at night, but not too risque for the office.

And then we got kind of nakey. Meghan brought in some super-exclusive swimwear by Beth Richards. Olivia and I were into these sleek, black underwire tops. Yay for supported boobies at the beach! Paired with these slightly sinister upside-down cross leggings, I would certainly be the baddest bitch at the shore.

After shooting, we headed to Jane's birthday lunch in TriBeCa (Jane and I both had the cod; Emily had the scallops; we all ate so much bread.) There was some stuff going on in the office so we headed back after lunch. And we drank! (Those of us who drink.) Remember when Julie told us what weird beverages she's into? Well Veev was kind enough to send us over a bottle of their super-delicious, I-tell-myself-it's-healthy, liquor. We drank it with ice-cold seltzer and succulent orange slices. Charlotte drank (organic) milk!

Be sure to check out The American Vernacular and pick up some of their great pieces. Pick up a bottle of Veev too, and you're in for a great weekend. What is your go-to healthy-ish cocktail? And, do you guys think I should have more photos of myself in this post?

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