RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Sub-question: Dressing or stuffing?
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November 17, 2015
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Hello my little darlings, and welcome back to Recipe of the Week! Last week we focused on foods that you eat all by yourself. There was more tinned fish than I expected, and lots of garlic, but the winner (brought to us by the wonderful and wise Mary) was something cheesy, because cheese rules all.

My eating alone has a lot less to do with shame and more to do with not wanting to share and wanting to be able to focus on crappy TV while eating said food.

Back to "alone" foods. Baked Brie: take a wheel of Brie, cross center with several x's and shove together a little so it opens up. Sprinkle generously with brown sugar, and splash with bourbon/whiskey. Make a little foil boat for it so it doesn't goo everywhere in the oven. Heat until bubbly, maybe 15 minutes at around 400. Serve with crunchy bread, crackers, fruit, or just your fingers if you are feeling pretty animalistic. Make yourself a drink with the whiskey while you're at it, I'm really into old fashioneds lately. Obscenely good.

I made this glorious dish as described, except instead of using foil I just threw the whole situation in a caked pan. I think it worked out pretty well, though it was not the prettiest presentation.

I liked it with bread, but I absolutely LOVED it with the sour apple slices. The acid in the apple cuts through the fat and sweetness and lets you keep eating forever. I must confess though: I did not eat this completely alone. I shared with my stepmom while we watched Amy Schumer's HBO special. (We turned it off once my dad got home though, because I just can't laugh at jokes about semen when my dad is around.) Oh, and if you need a whiskey rec to pair with this, try Basil Hayden's; it's my new favorite.

Anyhow. This was an excellent recipe that I recommend highly, and Mary's trophy is "Mr. November" by The National because it's November and this song is dope.

(The fact that this song is a decade old actually makes me want to cry a little. Mortality, amirite?)

Anywho, moving on. Thanksgiving approacheth, so let's talk about that. I like a turkey and all, but my favorite parts of Thanksgiving are the sides and the pies. I wasn't sure what to assign this week, so I did a quick poll on Twitter. As of this moment (10:47 Pacific time), the sides are the clear winner:

So sides it is! My family doesn't believe in un-casseroled vegetables, so Thanksgiving is usually just CasseroleFestWhateverYearItIs. I am not complaining:

I think my favorite is the corn casserole, but it's very hard to choose.

So tell me friends: what is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish! Sub-question: dressing or stuffing?