RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Goodbye, Summer

Make the season last longer through food.
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September 8, 2015
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Hey party peeps! Welcome back to Recipe of the Week, my favorite corner of deliciousness on the internet! Last week we talked about a comfort food favorite: pasta. With over two hundred delicious comments, it was easy to get lost in your tasty recipes; I could have spent hours just scrolling and drooling over the keyboard.

You're all winners in my eyes, but the winner of the most ROTW up-votes (and this week's trophy) is ROTW regular and all-around very nice person, SueK:

Sue provided three great recipes, and I went with the one in the middle, because pesto is not only delicious but also fun to make. I went pretty basic, combining basil leaves, garlic, peccorino, pine nuts and olive oil. I like mine fairly thick so I didn't use a ton of oil. It was easy, satisfying, and oh so tasty.

I made it on Labor Day, along with some roasted carrots and potatoes, homemade bread, and roasted garlic.

Fruits of my Labor Day.

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Honestly Sue, this pasta could not have come at a better time. Not only was it a particularly chilly long weekend, but Husbro decided to go run around in the mountains for several hours (he did like, 15 miles) so this carb-heavy comfort food was exactly what he needed. (I went running too but like, barely.)

Overall, it was a very successful meal and a perfect end to a lazy long weekend, due in no small part to wonderful pesto (and Sue). Now it is time for Sue's trophy, which is "Salt of the Earth" by The Rolling Stones because Sue is the salt of the earth and salt is a very important seasoning so, double meaning.

Next topic! I know summer isn't technically over until September 22nd, but I spent most of Labor Day weekend under my new Star Wars blanket, so it feels like the heat is very much on its way out. (Though I think we're going to get one more warm weekend here in PDX.) The cold snap got me thinking of all the summery things I ate and drank this year, from perfect tomato sandwiches to prosciutto wrapped peaches to all the Campari spritzes.

Truth be told, this is the first time I've lived somewhere with seasons in quite a while, so the change in temperature seems sudden and strange. To combat this small amount of panic and "life is fleeting" type feelings, I'm going to spend the next week or so eating as many summery things as I can, so what I would like from you is one of the following:

  1. The very best summery bite you had this summer, and how it was prepared
  2. Your alcoholic beverage of summer 2015
  3. What you plan to make before summer disappears, and with it all of its lovely produce
  4. A recipe to stop the cruel march of time

Please and thank you.