Sh*t to Buy When You're Drunk, Even if That Means Buying More Booze

Advil + Gatorade + a slice of pizza = you'll feel fine in the morning.
Publish date:
December 4, 2016

Now is not the time to sober up if you're reading this the way it was intended, in the back of a cab and en route to your favorite late-night pizza place. Instead, use this time to sit quietly and shop and give your Uber driver a much needed break from all the buzzed or inebriated people who have been screaming at him or her all night to turn up their song or to plug in their dying iPhone.

All of these things here are good and great, as decided by the XO staff, and as a bonus they're 100% post-Black Friday and pre-Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/whatever-holiday-you-may-celebrate approved. And if there is any doubt about whether they’re actually great or not, there’s always that Fakespot site that tells you how much you should actually trust an Amazon review by giving it a grade (For what it's worth, nothing here this week got lower than a B).

Use this place to tell us about the thing you were most excited to buy this week, or forgot to buy, or prepare to buy before heading back to work on Monday. And if you've already bought some holiday gifts, share what they are and who they are for, unless that person is a reader here, in which case you should forget that.

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