FRIDAY FUNDAY: Light Comfort Food, Spinning 2.0, and Earth-Friendly Booze

It's Friday Funday here at xoJane HQ. We try out stuff and tell you if it's good.
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January 13, 2012
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It's been a minute since our last Friday Funday. Much has happened in the xoJane universe, especially in the Julie, Olivia and Madeline triple-desk unit-land. I've made some big ol' resolutions: I now have a sick new skin care routine and, I kid you not, a savings account. I'm building my F*ck You Fund! (Not because I don't love my job, because if saving is an option, everyone should do it. I'll let you know how it goes in an upcoming post.)

Also part of my 2012 MO is more frequent and varied exercise and more home cookin'. I've already gone skiing with my Dad and made this purely genius pasta sauce. As always, I strive for a balanced and jam-packed life so in the spirit of Friday Funday, Julie, Olivia, and I have been running around all week trying out well-rounded lifestyle type things and reviewing them for you. Let's go!


This week, Julie and I have been SoulCycling! It's a New York-centric fitness craze that is sure to spread to your state soon, judging from its NYC-growth and infectiousness. (Their LA location is set to open later this year.)

A SoulCycle session is essentially a spinning class, but incorporates weights and pushups (while pedaling) and pairs those things with an extremely motivating instructor and a carefully selected soundtrack. A SoulCycle class also includes a bit of mental calming type exercises -- the instructor gets cyclers to visualize goals and set intentions. It's like yoga: "Calms ya down, makes ya hot." (Speaking of, if you want to get into yoga, check out my favorite yoga book ever, ever, ever, "Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga" by Tara Stiles. There are sequences for anxiety, hangover, sexual arousal, etc.)

Julie and I first tried SoulCycle on Tuesday. We were both shakin' in our moto-boots anticipating the class. We pulled on our Booty Pops (in order to provide extra padding and to make our fellow cyclers wonder about our asses -- Julie will write more on those another day) and headed down to the 18th Street.

It's one of the toughest workouts I've done, and left me panting and drenched. I found it WAY more challenging than spin, and it left me with a clear head. The weights portion was awesome; my arms BURNED but the weights were only about 1 or 2 pounds, meaning they won't bulk me up too much. (This was actually one of Julie's complaints. She wants to look ripped.)

I definitely reccomend SoulCycle if you're looking for a leaner body, a stronger heart, and an outlet for pent-up stress and aggression. Non-New Yorkers with these goals should try spin classes at their local gym and make them more Soul-y by setting goals for each class (maybe that means wearing a calorie-burning-counter or a heart monitor, or dedicating your class to some person or animal in your life). Spinning and doing yoga is a pretty ideal exercise plan, and one I'm certainly going to stick to. Julie on the other hand is a more a treadmill and Barry's Bootcamp type lady (she fell off her bike during our first SoulCycle).

Beauty/Skin Health:

My skin's been looking clear and glow-y lately-- sweating frequently and using the right products seems to be doing the trick. My new skincare and makeup routine is almost EXACTLY like Julie's (I'm also an acne sufferer). I use the topicals Erythromycin and Benxoyl Peroxide and Tretinoin, and I got a new one from my awesome derm Dr. Kihiczak called Finacea. It's technically for peeps that suffer from rosacea, and combining it with my irritating acne meds and reitnoid means less red, less inflamed skin. It feels real soothing going on.

After my Rx's, I use a little Weleda almond oil for extra moisture (it's winter and I use acne meds), and then the cadillac of BB creams, 3LAB Perfect BB. It smells like warm citrus, makes me glow sans shimmer, and has SPF 40. Oh yeah, and it hides all my imperfections.

At $95, it's not cheap -- but my skin has been looking better and better. With this, you won't need any other type of face makeup. I use it and a dab of Sonia Kashuk undereye concealer and blush (I'm into new Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush, it's so creamy, but is technically a gel and goes on lightly. It blends seamlessly into my 3Lab perfected complexion.)


Wednesday: Appetite thoroughly whetted by our as-of-late super active lives, we headed down to Avenue C to Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter for organic, comforting plates of tomato-bread pudding, mac 'n cheese, cheddar grits, pork sammies and sweet-tea battered fried chicken.

Eat at Bobwhite if you're in the East Village and craving not-bad-for-you comfort food. You can chomp some fried chicken and you won't feel guilty-- the chicken comes from the owners parents' farm in Virginia (free range!) and it's breaded lightly and served with a healthy salad. When you're done you feel energetic, not itis-y.

We packaged up one of their dumb good Red Velvets to bring back for Jane, gulped down our last sips of unsweetened ice tea, and headed back uptown.


It's Friday! We're sexy. Fresh food in our bellies, fresher workouts pumping endorphins through our blood, new butts, a three-day weekend stretching into the horizon... it's time to get crunk.

At the end our workday, we'll take Aeroshots. Jane, Bryan, Julie, and I will have Kanon vodka with soda. And then later we out to Goldbar, maybe Pulqueria for din first.

Kanon is delicious -- the distillery was founded in the bad-ass year of 1580; one of their goals is "to make the planet a better place to party." Their vodka's distilled from organic wheat and water from their own spring ("swag!" some might say). The distillery runs on wind and hydropower, and all byproducts are put to use.

Do you like knowing what xoJaners get up to or was this too boring? Are you going to try any of this stuff? Happy Friday from everyone!

All photos were taken by the lovely Olivia (except the Vodka and Makeup Pics, those were me!).