Some Very Weird Living Social Offers

You definitely need $200 worth of milk. Today.
Publish date:
October 11, 2011
gravy, groupon, living social

I have no idea why, but I'm subscribed to LivingSocial, Groupon and whatever the other one is that always tries to get me to take a printed-out coupon to a fancy restaurant for 50 percent off an appetizer so that the waiter will hate me and everybody will think I am a cheap weirdo.

Have you all noticed that sometimes, the deals are very unusual? Like, a helicopter ride that comes with a bottle of whiskey? Or like, $2,000 in Edible Arrangement coupons? Usually the strangest ones I get are from LivingSocial: Midtown NYC, which is not surprising because, let's be real: Midtown. (If you don't know New York, picture a Tim Burton movie full of boring people.)

I once, ONCE bought and used one for an organic brazilian wax for like $15, and the whole time the woman looked at me like she couldn't believe she was denuding my nethers for less than the price of a stuffed crust pizza.

Here are some favorite odd offers I was able to unearth from my inbox. I really hope somewhere out there is the person who is buying one or all of these. I mean, that is a lot of milk, is it not? A lot of milk for one person!

Sadly, these are all expired, but let's all agree to jump on it the next time they offer $750 worth of aquarium fish. (I think then one of us gets them free.)