SHOW AND TELL: I Want To See Your Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

One day I will get an idea and work on a costume more than a day and a half before Halloween. This was not that year.
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November 1, 2013
procrastination, halloween, costumes, putting things off, cramming the night before

I'm a procrastinator with a lot of things. If I don't take care of something immediately as soon as I know I need to do it, I wind up putting it off and then having to rush to get it done. That person in the computer lab at 4 am before a major paper was due? That was me. Every single time.

That worked for writing papers, I think, because (or so I claimed) I was doing the brain work ahead of time. All I really had to do was sit down and write. But you know where it doesn't generally work? Costumes.

As much as my regular outfits can tend toward the theatrical and/or dramatic, I am the world's worst at costumes because I never do anything ahead of time. It's always the day before Halloween when I sit down and realize that, hey, I should have ordered some crucial thing from the Internet a week (or more) ago.

This year was no exception. But since I also work for a company where Halloween is a major holiday (seriously, EVERYONE is in costume and we throw down when it comes to skits), I had to come up with something. True to form, I got a great idea -- and started trying to assemble everything I needed after work on Tuesday.

The wig was a complete and total lucky find at a local theatrical supply company. And I paid kind of dearly for it. Ed carved the tiny wooden ship at 11pm on Wednesday night. I stayed up sewing tentacles until 1 am and then finished them before I went to work on Thursday morning. But for once, I think I pulled a last minute costume off -- pretty much everyone recognized Ursula the Sea Witch (via 1770) as soon as they saw me.

So, you know, victory!

Last year, I had jury duty and it was kind of a relief -- my other Halloweens here have been marked by totally lackluster last-minute costumes in line with whatever our theme was. (This year was Oscar-winning films.) Lackluster doesn't do much for this crowd, so I'm totally flush with having finally achieved costume success.

While Olivia might be too cool to ask about your Halloween costumes, I totally am not. (Also, her banana keeper weirds me out.) Show me your Halloween costumes! Especially your last-minute, pulled it out of the closet, pulled it together the night before, figured it out on your way to work Halloween costumes!