Shampoo, Telly & Iron Maiden - It's The Fab Friday Round-Up

It’s Friiiiiday so here’s a nifty round-up of cool things that are making me happy right now...
Publish date:
August 16, 2013

Area H2O Hard Water Shampoo

I have no idea where this came from – I definitely didn’t buy it, I don’t remember being given it, it’s just always been at the back of the bathroom cabinet. But I think I must credit it with the fact that my hair is feeling – and looking – pretty good at the moment. It really does what it says on the, er, bottle – ours is a hard water area and this stuff seems to be helping cleanse my grubby locks of the built up mineral deposits to leave it squeaky clean, soft and shiny.This Charming Charlie Since I was little I’ve loved the Peanuts comic strips and was lucky enough to receive two beautiful editions of the complete works for my birthday last year. Lucy Van Pelt is my favourite character, obviously, because she is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. And I love the Smiths, so This Charming Charlie – a tumblr created by graphic designer Lauren LoPrete which combines Morrissey’s lyrics with Peanuts comic strips – is my idea of heaven.

The combination of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and chums’ confused, melancholy expressions and maudlin Smiths lyrics is pretty much as good as the internet gets.

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli in Ink

I want one, ohhhhh I WANT ONE (Veruca Salt-stylee). I know the Pashli is a) annoyingly ubiquitous thanks to its popularity with selfie-prone style bloggers and b) rather expensive, but I really reeeeeeally would like one as my back-to-school autumn/winter bag. It’s so practical with its roomy interior (would hold a laptop and spare shoes) and I don’t have a navy handbag and and and... Can I justify it? I’m not sure yet.

Dreaming the Impossible: Unbuilt BritainQuick! Watch the first episode in what’s shaping up to be an amazing BBC4 series on iPlayer now! It’s about the buildings that were planned but never built in Britain and the first episode focussed on Sir Joseph Paxton, who designed the great glass house at Kew as well as the colossal Crystal Palace. He dreamed of constructing a giant glass corridor around London that would funnel people, horse-drawn carriages and tube trains, to alleviate pressure on the congested centre, and the scheme was approved by both Prince Albert and Parliament.

But when it came to the crunch, the more pressing need for a decent sewer system took precedence so Paxton’s ‘Great Victorian Way’ was never realised. Unbuilt Britain is presented by Dr Olivia Horsfall, who is great at explaining the complexities of architects’ visions and sketching out their dreamed-of designs for the viewer. The show featured contemporary architects like Lord Norman Foster (love him!) and is FASCINATING. Anyone who lives in a city and thinks about the way in which urban spaces are planned (or not) should watch this.

Iron Maiden t-shirtI’ve always wanted an Iron Maiden t-shirt to call my own, but have been content with hand-me-downs. Last week, after watching them play again at the O2 I decided it was time I actually bought one. (The show was amazing by the way, they played all the hits and there was a fight right in front of me – did you know when heavy metallers scrap there’s more hair pulling than in a teenage girl ruckus?)

I went to the Iron Maiden website and ordered this cool Seventh Son of a Seventh Son tee, which features Eddie holding some sort of disgusting bloody organ with claws coming out of it. In fashion speak, it’s ‘a timeless classic that will never go out of style.’So what nifty things are floating your boat this week? Is there any awesome food combo I need to know about? Share please!