Sesame Street Makes Everything OK

Are you on the east cost? Worried about a hurricane? This will help.
Publish date:
August 26, 2011
sesame street, anxiety, big bird is the BEST, hurricanes

I can't be the only adult in the world who still derives reassurance from the media that shaped my early years. Indeed, when I was a littleun, my mom was an even bigger fan of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood than I was. "It's just so SOOTHING," she used to say. She wasn't talking about its effect on me.

I've been a little nerved about this impending hurricane business, partly because I grew up in South Florida and know that hurricanes ain't nothing to eff with, and partly because I currently live on a coastline -- literally, my home is on a beach -- in the direct path of this particular storm.

Enter "Sesame Street." "Sesame Street" has a "Hurricane Kit" on their website, comprised of a series of videos demonstrating a hurricane's impact on the eponymous Street. Al Roker guest stars! In the event you also need a bit of calming-down pre-storm, I highly recommend watching these videos. Yes, they're for kids. But we all need a little soothing sometimes, no matter how old we are.