What xoJane Editors Want for Christmas: Rach McP's Gift Guide to Rad FUN Stuff $49 & Under

So you want to buy me, uh, your sister/best friend/12-year-old cousin some neat junk, but your pocketbook says keep it under 50 bones? NBD.
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December 6, 2011
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For the first time in easily 20 years, I actually did put together a wish list (very similar to this gallery), except in grown-upsville. It's for my in-laws' Kris Kringle (same as Secret Santa).

I got way into it.

People have struggled with what to buy me for decades. I think they are convinced whatever I'm into is slightly beyond their scope, but truly, if it's cute and fun, I'll love it. My (over-$50) Kris Kringle list has Pillar Box Red Original Short Gloss Wellies by Hunter right at the top. I'm easy.

Still need shopping ideas for a possibly tricky weirdo? Try this McPadden-curated booty under $50.